The Best 5 Golden Rules For The Perfect Hairstyle

The Best 5 Golden Rules For The Perfect Hairstyle

A new haircut? Maybe even short instead of long? So that nothing goes wrong with your hairstyle, you stick to the 5 golden rules for visiting the hairdresser.

The most important rule at all at the hairdresser is to always be honest and not to fool around. Even if you think the information is unimportant, it is likely relevant to the hairdresser. Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask about it. If you follow this rule and the following five details, nothing can go wrong with your new haircut.

Show your color in hair color

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If you not only want a new haircut but also want to change the hair color, freshen up or set accents with color highlights, then the hairdresser absolutely needs to know how you imagine the end result. Only wanting “blonde strands” can quickly lead to a little drama, because the hairdresser then has to interpret how many strands there should be, whether they should look outgrown or not and how intense the color should be.

And the same applies to the color: no fooling around! If the hairdresser asks you about the dyeing history, give him detailed information. Also and especially if you should be embarrassed about the last color choice. The hairdresser needs this information in order to select the right products for your styling and to achieve the best possible result for you.

Talk about the price before it starts

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It is so obvious that every service has its price. Nevertheless, we are often embarrassed to ask about the price beforehand, which is why we sometimes have the feeling afterward at the cash register that we have been ripped off and that it is only with great effort that we do not let our fright about the invoice amount shown.

So: ask beforehand what your wishes will cost. If the price exceeds your budget, feel free to admit it! The hairdresser also has an easier time knowing your budget. Often there are definitely opportunities to do something about the price without influencing the result too much. For example, the hairstylist then using products that are not quite as expensive. The result may be slightly worse than at full price, but it won’t break your budget and you can look forward to your new hairstyle wholeheartedly!

Explain what you like about your dream hairstyle

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In the past, you had the typical hairdressing magazines that you could always leaf through and then show the hairstylist a photo as a template. Nowadays people prefer to do this digitally and show the hairdresser a picture of a celebrity or an Instagram photo with the smartphone.

It is important for the hairdresser to know exactly what you like about your dream hairstyle and why you think it will suit you too. This enables him to better assess whether the cut and color will suit your face shape and complexion or whether he will achieve a better result with a few small nuances. If it has to deviate from the template, it is extremely important for the hairdresser to know why you are enthusiastic about this hairstyle. This is the only way to ensure that a well-intentioned nuance does not turn into a mean catastrophe for you.

Learn from the professional

If you don’t ask, you won’t learn anything new. Every hairdresser is constantly educated and knows the latest products, care methods, and styling trends. So that you can benefit from his knowledge for longer than the next time you wash your hair, feel free to ask him holes in the stomach. You don’t have to be embarrassed: Most hairdressers are passionate about their craft and like to talk about it and have no problem sharing their knowledge with you. The nice side effect: you have a topic of conversation right away and you can also achieve the “fresh from the hairdresser” look at home.

Be honest about the care routines and products you use

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Any new hairstyle is only as good as the maintenance you are willing to invest in. The hairdresser needs to know how much time you want to spend in the morning getting your hairstyle into shape. The most beautiful cut is worthless if the styling is too complicated for you and you, therefore, don’t do it.

The same applies, of course, to the care products that you want to use. Some hairstyles just don’t go well with some care products. The great new curls, for example, quickly look lifeless and unmotivated with the wrong gel. When the hairdresser knows what styling products you have, they can more easily assess the right hairstyle for you or recommend the right products if you want a specific cut.

What if I don’t like the haircut?

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Does nothing remain of the enthusiasm at the beginning of the hairdressing appointment? Would you like to disappear into the hairdresser’s cape with every single silhouette, or even close your eyes so you don’t have to see the result in the mirror? This is exactly the wrong way! Every hairdresser wants to see its customers happy and satisfied. Because only satisfied customers are the best advertisement for the business. So don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t like something about your new hairstyle. The sooner the better! Most haircuts can be corrected with very little effort. The hairdresser just needs to know!

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