That’s Why This Hair Color Is Particularly Popular Right Now

That’s Why This Hair Color Is Particularly Popular Right Now

While we opted for blonde in the summer, the balayage look is now coming back in a very special color combination: Mocha Melt. Here we explain why the color is so popular and what you should pay attention to when styling.

When it comes to styling, everything revolves around the transition period between summer and autumn. The time when the days get shorter but still drop by warm temperatures every now and then. The perfect hair color for it: Mocha Melt. It already heralds autumn, but still sets summery accents. So it’s no wonder that Mocha Melt is currently considered a trendy hair color.

The brown tone with light highlights goes well with all possible hair structures. It gives straight hair a coolness factor, while it gives wavy or curly hair a nice dynamic. The hair color is colored using the balayage technique, which ensures a particularly natural look.

The special thing about it: Mocha Melt is suitable for both blondes and brunettes. Both basic colors can be combined with coloring. Mocha Melt combines both. The color gets its name from the fact that it is reminiscent of a mocha coffee, in which the light tones of the milk merge. A real symbol for the transition from summer to autumn.

Always pay attention to balanced hair care

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After dyeing, you should take good care of your hair. Because only with healthy hair does the Mocha Melt hair color really come into its own. It is best to treat your hair with a pump of oil in the tips before each hair wash and with a hair mask once a week. Silver shampoo can also help with a yellow tinge.

This is how  the balayage technique works

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Since mocha melt is best done using the balayage technique, you should go to a hairdresser for the hair color. Nevertheless, we will explain to you how balayage actually works: With balayage, only the upper section of the hair is colored first. While the hairline is only treated selectively, the strands are only colored downwards.

This technique is so popular because it conjures up a natural look. This is created by the delicate highlights, also called babylights. The practical thing about a balayage look is that the hair color still looks nice even as it grows out. This saves you the trip to the hairdresser when the approach has grown out again.

Mocha melt goes perfectly with these styles

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In the last days of summer and at the beginning of autumn, we focus on two-piece suits, knitted pieces, and lilac-colored dresses. Mocha Melt goes with almost every outfit. Mocha Melt also adapts well to the individual haircut. The coloring technique looks cool with straightened hair or playful with curls.

We especially like the hair color in long wavy hair or a sleek long bob. Simply let your fashion role models inspire you when styling and wear the color the way you feel comfortable. Maybe Mocha Melt will still be a trend in winter.

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