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How Your Hairstyle Stays Perfectly Styled-Despite Rain Or Snow?


Wind, rain or snow always cause quite a hairstyle frustration. Fortunately, there are some hairstyles that can withstand even the whims of nature! We’ll also show you how to get your hair back in shape very quickly.

Undone look

loose curls
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The wind tousles the hair, the moisture creates waves and frizz. Simply use the unwanted undone look for your styling and perfect it in front of the mirror.

For example, give your hair volume with a little dry shampoo and twist individual strands on a curling iron. This way you can loosen up your hair again and again during the day and benefit from the effects of the weather.

Braided hairstyle

boxer dutch braids
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Braided hair not only looks super stylish, it also defies wind and weather. For example, just braid the bangs and hold them in place with hairspray. Braided boxer braids keep hair together all day long, withstand any gust of wind and even go well with the elegant look in the evening.

Tie a hair towel

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To get kinky hair permanently under control, a cool style with a scarf is a good idea. You can tie a brightly patterned bandana, for example, as a headband, wrap it as a turban or wear it casually with loose hair.

The fabric becomes an absolute eye-catcher, holds everything in place and even distracts from disheveled strands of hair in an emergency.

Glamorous clip styles

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On the catwalk, on the red carpet, and on the street, bobby pins are a trend this season that you should definitely take a closer look at. Instead of hiding the clasps in the hair, they are now worn so that they are clearly visible.

With a side parting, the style looks particularly classy. Instead of black, the hair clips can also be white, colored or glittering, and instead of parallel, they can also be crossed.

Quick help for unrestrained bad weather hair

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If all else fails because the weather is tough, you can try this out:

Straightening your hair: If you don’t happen to have a gel or something similar with you, you can also provide short-term first aid with your hand cream. Curled hair will stay in place, at least for the time being, if you distribute it on the rain-dampened hair.

Tie your hair into a bun: If the hair has gotten super wet, a dryer is a long way off, then only the hair tie will help. With this you can tie your hair into a bun in a stylish wet look.

Bring out naturalness: Your braid has come open and your natural wave no longer stops, then let it air dry like this. Knead your hair well and wait for the rain to stop and your hair will soon have wonderful beach waves.

Precaution: If you already know that rain or snow is coming, then you should apply a hair oil , massage it into the tips and very lightly on the strands. It will keep your hair in shape a little longer in bad weather.