Which Top-Styled Hairstyles Are Good Against Split Ends?


Brushing, tugging, straightening: our hair has to be quite brave because the structure suffers immensely. We show you hairstyles with which you are stylishly styled and avoid split ends.

At some point, the time has come when freshly coiffed hair becomes bushy strands that look wilder and wilder towards the tips. The split ends split the hair from below and make it look unhealthy. There are many reasons for this: too much styling, too much shampoo, too few visits to the hairdresser, or demanding hairstyles.

You can’t always prevent split ends, but with split-end-friendly hairstyles, you can ensure that it doesn’t appear for a long time. Here we show you different styles for your hair. If you have long hair, you have several options for conjuring up split-friendly hairstyles. 

Tie a loose ponytail

loose ponytail
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You can easily conjure up this hairstyle yourself: the ponytail is not only a hairstyle that you can conjure up in a very short time, but also vary wonderfully. Whether sitting low on the nape of the neck or sitting high on the head, the ponytail gently holds your hair together. 

You can also prevent split ends by choosing the right hair tie. When buying, make sure that the rubber has no metal or plastic seams, these can also roughen the hair surface and thus damage the hair. Avoid teasing, in spite of the voluminous result, your hair will make hair crooked and break off more easily.

Style a bun

high bun
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Split ends are caused, among other things, by the hair rubbing against clothing and thus breaking off. Here simply helps a bun that you receive with hairpins. If your hair is too fine, you can also use a variety of tools, such as a donut pillow

Just make sure that you don’t pull your hair too much and that you twist your hair loosely into a bun.

Be careful with wet hair too: if you style your hair into a strict bun straight after washing, it only creates more tension on the head. Because: The hair contracts when it dries – the risk of overvoltage! 

Try a loose updo. This does not have to be complex. With a few clips you can easily poke your mane up, shorter strands can also casually peek out from the side of your face. The grip on the butterfly clasp is also a good alternative.

Create a braid

french braid
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Just like the ponytail, the braid skillfully holds the hair together. Here, too, you can try out different styles: A French braid, a herringbone braid, or an all-around braid that is not only gentle on your hair but also looks super trendy.

But if you are not a fan of braided hairstyles and prefer to wear your hair open, you can wear the braid overnight and open it in the morning. The waves are not only suitable for everyday use, they were created without any harmful curling iron!

Low rolled updo

low rolled updo
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Low what? Sounds more complicated than the hairstyle actually is. The base is a low ponytail that the hair is threaded through and curled up like that. The great thing about it: 

This hairstyle is not only conjured up in seconds, it is also very gentle. Again, however, you have to be careful not to pull your hair too much and to roll it up carefully

Don’t have long hair with which to do these hairstyles we showed? All the better, because then your hair will have a good length to avoid the split ends. 

While these two haircuts are not a complete guarantee of protection against split ends, the length of the hair means they don’t rub and rough up clothing.

Cut a long bob

long bob
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The long bob is ideal for women who keep split ends at bay, but still want a strand to wrap around their fingers. This hairstyle ends just above the shoulder, which prevents the hair from touching the shoulder and rubbing against clothing. 

Every time you visit the hairdresser, the tips should be cut sufficiently to maintain the healthy structure of the hair.

Naughty pixie cut

naughty pixie cut
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The image of the pixie cut is sassy, ​​wild, and exuberant. For this reason, you don’t have to tame stubborn highlights with the straightening iron every morning, which your hair will thank you for. 

Not using heat has an extremely positive effect on your hair structure and hardly gives split ends a chance.

Care tips for beautiful, split-free hair

hair care

The right care products: To keep your hair strong and robust and not be prone to split ends, you should keep your fingers off the straightening iron and curling iron. However, if you cannot do without it, heat protection is an important requirement.

In addition, it is advisable to protect the hair against environmental influences, which UV sprays, for example, offer. Also sealing hair oils provide your mane with moisture and so do not tend to hair breakage and split ends.

The right hairbrush: The right brush is just as important as proper care. Brushes made of plastic are usually poorly processed and tear open the structure of the hair.

It is better to choose brushes made from natural bristles, they ensure that the natural fat of the scalp is distributed right up to the tips and thus a natural protective layer against split ends is formed.

Hair bedded on silk: To have hair like silk, you should sleep on this very fabric. Because the pillow, which is usually covered with cotton fabric, roughs up our hair when we sleep and causes knots and disheveled hair.

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