What Hairstyles Do Men Don’t Like On Women?

What Hairstyles Do Men Don’t Like On Women?

If you want a haircut to turn men’s heads, then these 5 looks are taboo.

What we like doesn’t have to please men for a long time. The differences in the tastes of the sexes are particularly evident when it comes to hairstyles. The woman thinks a haircut is stunning, but men turn away. That was not the effect we had hoped for! We’ll show you which hairstyles are not very popular with men.

Strict bun and pigtail: secretary charm

img source: byrdie.com

Hair that falls into your face annoys you and you prefer to tie it back in a sleek pigtail or bun? This is handy for you, but it makes strange associations in men. You think of the humorless and scratchy waiting lady who gets to hear ten times a day: “Miss Müller, no calls now!”

Why is that? Men confuse tightly tied back hair with the need to control and assume that you can’t get out of yourself and just be silly and yourself. This is of course nonsense: If we just don’t feel like washing, combing and blow-drying our mane in the morning and wiping it off our faces every five seconds, we go for the sleek look and there’s nothing conservative about that, dear men!

The pixie cut – threatened masculinity?

pixie cut
img source: lovehairstyles.com

Short hairstyles are very popular with us. No wonder, after all, they are easy to care for and look wonderfully emancipated. Although many men prefer to wear their hair as short as a shave themselves, they seem unable to put the terms “woman” and “short hair” into a meaningful context.

Men swallow with bobsleigh. Everything that is even shorter gets a clear thumb down. Men perceive the pixie or bobbed head to be too boyish and cheeky, they think that our feminine side disappears with it. That’s nonsense, of course, our character ultimately depends on a lot, but certainly not on our hairstyle. We wear our short haircut with pride and know: If men prefer to work with the razor instead of spending a minute styling, we can do whatever we like with our hair!

The Beehive: Oldie but Goldie?

beehieve hairstyle
img source: glaminati.com

Men just don’t know what they want. Short hairstyles seem too masculine to them, but with teased hair, as it has been worn by style icons like Brigitte Bardot or Amy Winehouse since the 60s, we are not right for them either.

The woman with artificial hair looks stylish, feminine, and quite sexy. But men only see that the beehive is a bit old-fashioned and complicated. They think we spend too much time in the bathroom and cover up our feminine charm with a ton of hairspray. One can hardly imagine a more stupid prejudice.

Creped hair

creped hairstyle
img source:i.pinimg.com

Okay, creped hairstyles are a tightrope walk for us too. We are on a balancing act between a modern messy look and a mop hairstyle. But if he succeeds, there are only a few styles that can hold a candle to creped hair.

In men, this hairstyle makes you feel like you’ve been catapulted straight back into the 80s. Even then, this hairstyle was considered rather unpopular with representatives of the male sex. Well, dear men, you have to be very strong now: We don’t care, we still love the hairstyle!

The pot cut exudes (too much) self-confidence

pot cut
img source: i.pinimg.com

The name doesn’t sound that flattering. When cutting pots, men think we put a salad bowl on our heads and use scissors to cut everything that peeps out from underneath. But a self-confident wearer rocks the pot cut and that probably scares the men even more.

But it is also clear: cool men also like us with a pot cut (and with all other hairstyles)! And to all men who still judge a woman by her hairstyle, we say: finally arrive in the present.  We know what we like and we also dare to show it!

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