3 Hairstyles in 5 Minutes!

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You can do a lot with long hair – but most of the time you don’t do it for convenience. That’s over now because these three styles only take five minutes each!

It often hangs in the way when cycling, and in summer it sticks flat to the head: a whale mane can be quite exhausting. The biggest problem, however, is lurking in front of the mirror in the morning – when a woman doesn’t know what to do with her long hair.

The usual program of combs and tying ponytails is now obsolete. After all, there are great alternatives to the good old braid. We explain the three most beautiful hairstyles step by step and have some tips for the perfect look:

The extra high chignon

high bun
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Tie your hair in a ponytail at the very top of your head – the higher the better. Now wrap individual thick strands around them until you can pin the ends in place with bobby pins (preferably in a tone that matches the hair color).

When all the hair is tangled, you can pull a few hairs out on the front of the head: This makes the look less strict. You should use hairspray as a finish, so the hairstyle will last without any problems even in the heat or on the bike. Stars like Jessica Alba and Kylie Jenner also love the look.

The glamor ponytail

ponytail glamor
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First, you create volume at the back of your head. This is very easy with a hair comb from the drugstore: To do this, divide individual strands and push the comb towards the roots of the hair, carefully combing the result again without destroying the fullness. Now tie the hair in a ponytail that sits low on the nape of the neck – it looks more elegant.

So that the hair elastic cannot be seen, you can pull out a few long strands, place them around them and fix them with fine hairpins. The styling becomes even nobler if you place the ends of your hair in large waves with the straightening iron: Wrap the hair once around the hot straightening iron and pull it out as slowly as possible.

The disheveled banana

the disheveled banana
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For this hairstyle, too, you need a hair comb, which you can use to add volume to the hair on the top of the head. Then pin it together at the back of your head. Make sure that the hair is not too tight! Take the rest of the mane to one side and wrap it in like a normal banana. To make sure it lasts, hairpins are used again.

Sea Salt Spray provides a casual finish, which not only gives it more body, but also texture. Spray it on the area on the front of the head and toss the hair there slightly. If it looks a bit disheveled, one of the trends has turned out perfectly: the cool undone look, another favorite styling of the stars.


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