Why You Shouldn’t Have Lunch At Your Desk?

Why You Shouldn’t Have Lunch At Your Desk?

Eating lunch at your desk is not a good idea. Because even a short break can give you new momentum.

Who does not know that? Due to constant new tasks and constant deadline pressure, it seems impossible to us to do our day’s work on time. Many then skip their lunch break and take their food with one hand while using the keyboard with the other hand. However, experts strongly advise reconsidering this approach. Even a short break is enough to gain strength for the rest of the day.

Short breaks increase creativity

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On the website of the US radio station National Public Radio, Kimberly Elsbach, a professor at the University of California, explains that the lunch break promotes mental agility. “We know that creativity and innovation arise when people change their surroundings and especially when they get out into nature,” she says, adding, “So staying indoors is really detrimental to creative thinking. It is also detrimental to the thought required for ideas to arise and develop until an aha moment is experienced. ”

So before you continue trying unsuccessfully at your desk to solve your professional problems, you’d better go for a walk to the nearest park. In the great outdoors, new thoughts develop quickly, which often save you many unsuccessful hours at work.

Breaks are good for networking

A regular break is not only beneficial for the free flow of thoughts. It is also important for our network, without which professional advancement is usually impossible. If you spend your lunch break with your colleague in nature or in the canteen, you have plenty of opportunities not only to chat inconsequentially but also to learn important internal company matters. And if you take another walk afterward, you also have the chance to describe the problem that worries you so much. A solution can often be found quickly among colleagues.

Permanent sitting is bad for your health

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Our last point is perhaps the most important. If you take your lunch break actively, you are doing your health a huge favor. For humans, there is hardly anything more unnatural than spending the whole day in a sitting position in front of a screen. The online portal of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk refers to the US and Australian studies that have shown that people who enjoy moving around can look forward to a five-year longer life expectancy than those who spend their days exclusively on the office chair.

Sitting for long hours every day increases the risk of obesity. The reason: your metabolism slows down, your body burns fewer calories. You are also unconsciously ingesting the food when you are concentrating on your work at the same time. There is usually no natural feeling of satiety. If your body then accumulates more belly fat, the risk of a heart attack increases. Because messenger substances are produced in the belly fat, which can trigger inflammatory processes in the body’s immune system.

Those who sit for a long time also suffer from back pain more often. The reason for this is a shortening of the muscles, which is favored by a wrong posture.

In summary, it can be said that there is nothing to be said about spending your lunch break at your desk. There are plenty of arguments for going out into nature with colleagues, not least because of the high spirits with which we then return to the office.

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