12 Tips To Get You Healthy Through The Fall

12 Tips To Get You Healthy Through The Fall

Autumn is just around the corner and that means our immune systems need a decent boost. With these twelve tips, you can improve your immune system.

Our immune system is exposed to some stress in autumn and winter. The constant change between warm and cold and the dry heating air in many rooms weaken it and make it particularly easy for viruses.

Traveling on public transport or visiting places with many people usually gives the weakened immune system the rest. Because wherever you sneeze and cough a lot, it is particularly easy to catch a cold.

Even the valued hot lemon in the morning no longer helps to ward off the approaching cold. Because as soon as bacteria and viruses have chosen their victims, they have an easy time of it, especially in autumn and winter.

So that you can get through the cold seasons as free of colds as possible, here are twelve tips with which you can face them. They are particularly effective in combination.

Strengthen the immune system through a good mood

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Stress is a disease maker and for this reason, you should take regular breaks. If you also laugh a lot, you keep your body fit. That sounds very simple – but it works.

Proper nutrition strengthens the immune system

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With the right diet, you can already sustainably strengthen the immune system. Various studies show that cell-protecting minerals, such as zinc or selenium, as well as secondary plant substances, strengthen the immune system and ward off cold viruses.

Strengthen the immune system with adequate sleep

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While we sleep, our bodies regenerate – this has long been known. Deep sleep in particular could play a decisive role in our immune system. According to a Mexican study, those who sleep less than seven hours a day are three times more likely to catch a cold.

So if you want to strengthen your immune system, you should promote restful sleep. Here can the relaxation exercise to help. Banning electronic devices from the bedroom also has a positive effect on sleep.

Don’t touch yourself in the face!

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The hands play a crucial role in transmitting the common cold virus. They lurk at ATMs, railings, doorknobs, and of course when shaking hands.

Since we put our hands to our faces on average every four minutes, they can quickly turn into an attack. So try not to touch your face so often and wash your hands regularly.

Stay home if you have a cold

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This tip should go without saying, but many go to work despite having a cold. What at first feels like a selfless act is the exact opposite of that. Because if you go to work sick, you can infect your colleagues and also delay your own recovery. That means: stay at home and cure the infection.

Incidentally, there is already a name for the urge to go to work sick: presentationalism.

Exercise in the fresh air strengthens the immune system

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To mobilize the important killer cells of our immune system, light endurance training is ideal. It doesn’t matter whether you go swimming, cycling or jogging. The main thing is that you enjoy it.

Studies have already shown that even 20 minutes of moderate endurance training is enough to reduce inflammation in the body. However, you should stay away from extreme training sessions, especially if you are already a little weak. This can have the opposite effect.

If you are already sick, it is best to keep your hands off exercise. That can delay recovery.

Avoid heating air

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Warm heating air dries out the mucous membranes in our airways, making them susceptible to viruses and bacteria. To maintain the humidity in closed rooms, you should ventilate regularly. You should ventilate three times a day for ten minutes. This keeps the air moist.

But don’t cool too much, not even the bedroom. Temperatures below 18 degrees mean (immune) stress for the body.

Footbaths for a strong immune system

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Alternating showers are a well-known means of stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the immune system. But they are by no means for everyone. The efficient light version is foot baths. To do this, fill a bucket with cold water and one with water that is around 35 degrees.

Then you let your feet stay in the warm water for three minutes and then in the cold water for 15 seconds. You repeat that three times. It is important that you finish the footbath in cold water.

Protect yourself from the cold with scarves and hats

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When it’s cold outside, going outside with your hair wet is an extremely bad idea. Because the head cools down quickly and this causes the blood vessels in the airways to contract. The result: viruses have an easy game.

That’s why: blow-dry first and then put on your hat. If you like to ride a bike or go jogging, you should protect your airways with a cloth that you can pull over your mouth.

Sage tea can strengthen the immune system

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The ultimate medicinal herb for colds and coughs is sage. Because it strengthens the natural functions of the mucous membranes through its essential oils and thus effectively fends off pathogens. In addition, scientific studies show that sage dilates the bronchi and thus makes it easier to breathe deeply and cough up annoying phlegm.

Vitamin C: does it strengthen the immune system?

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Many still believe that vitamin C is essential for a strong immune system and therefore take additional supplements. But that’s only partly true.

Because an extra portion of vitamin C, which is abundantly contained in oranges, lemons, peppers and kiwis, does not provide increased protection against cold viruses. Only those who are exposed to exceptionally high levels of stress can actually benefit from higher doses of the vitamin.

Vitamin C is basically beneficial for the immune system and can alleviate symptoms. But at least they actually suffer from a vitamin C deficiency. A hot lemon in the morning has therefore no additional use. Cold preparations with vitamin C are also unnecessary.

If you still don’t want to do without the vitamin, you should use sea buckthorn. In addition to vitamin C, it also contains other valuable vitamins for our body.

Vitamin A – found in carrots and dried apricots – also strengthens the immune system because it supports the mucous membranes in the nose and throat.

Vitamin B6, which is found in salmon or walnuts, promotes the formation of immune messenger substances.

Vitamin E also strengthens the immune system as it stimulates the maturation of defense cells. It is found in large quantities in wheat germ oil or egg yolk, for example.

Are immune preparations useful?

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For colds and flu-like infections, three over-the-counter immune preparations are often recommended:

Echinacea: It is not yet entirely clear whether the active ingredient in the purple coneflower will help. Studies from the University of Connecticut suggest a beneficial effect. Others, such as Stanford University, claim the opposite. If you want to try the active ingredient, you should only do so if there are no corresponding allergies.

Curazink: According to the manufacturer, a drug to remedy a certain zinc deficiency. In fact, it can weaken the immune system. Taken with the first symptoms, an effect is possible.

Orthomol Immune: The dietary supplement contains high-dose vitamins, trace elements, etc. However, if you do not have a pronounced deficiency, you cannot expect any protective effects.

Just recently, Stiftung Warentest took a close look at common cold remedies – and came to the conclusion that most of the medicines are not effective.

The foundation was convinced of the Grippostad C hot drink alone and classified it as “suitable”

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