Helene Fischer: She Has A Real Luxury Problem!

Helene Fischer: She Has A Real Luxury Problem!

She is planning a spectacular tour for 2023 – and several men are already vying for Helene Fischer. The reason? The Schlager Queen’s tour is a money guarantee!

Germany’s Schlager Queen has big plans! After Helene Fischer’s (37) long break from the stage , there should be a first bang in the coming year. On August 20, 2022, the singer wants to give one of her largest open-air concerts to date at the exhibition center in Munich – including a 150-meter-wide stage specially created for the show!

But that’s not all! In 2023, the ex of ” Traumschiff ” star Florian Silbereisen (40) finally wants to go on tour again. And this is exactly why Helen Fischer is in demand as ever. Because not only her fans, but also various concert organizers are currently vying for the favor of the beautiful blonde.

He worked closely with Helene Fischer for years

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What’s behind it? Mainly monetary reasons – because a tour by Helene Fischer is a real money guarantee due to the huge onslaught. “Bild.de” therefore presented the men who are fighting for the singer. Among them: Dieter Semmelmann (56). The organizer from Bayreuth has been one of Helene’s closest confidants and team members for years and has organized all of Fischer’s tours since 2007. In addition, Semmelmann organizes around 1,500 concerts a year, including tours by Roland Kaiser (69). A man with expertise – and the confidence of the Schlager Queen.

Clash of the Titans: These men want to work with Helen Fischer in the future

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img source: merkur.de

Who could fight him for the job this time? Ironically, “Rock am Ring” inventor and “Live Nation” organizer Marek Lieberberg (75). He has already organized tours for stars like Madonna (63) or Celine Dion (53) in the past – and that’s exactly what Helene Fischer could do, according to “bild.de”! After all, her Lieberberg could open the doors to America. Another competitor who could thwart Marek Lieberberg’s plan: Klaus Leutgeb (51). He is already organizing Helene Fischer’s mega-event in Munich on August 20, 2022 and is also said to have designed the spectacular stage, according to “bild.de”. Who will win the jackpot in the end? Remains to be seen!

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