Which Home Remedies Will Help Relieve Headaches?-Pain-Free Without Tablets

Which Home Remedies Will Help Relieve Headaches?-Pain-Free Without Tablets

The head is booming, the neck is tense – the tablet is quickly picked up. But it doesn’t have to be! We’ll show you home remedies that can help – without any side effects.

Whether stress, the weather, or a glass of beer too much the night before, headaches can have various causes and spoil our day. But it’s not just pain pills that can help, there are plenty of tried and tested home remedies that can help you too. And best of all, you have no side effects. In the gallery, we show you what you can do against annoying headaches…

Headaches can have different causes. When it comes to tension headaches, fresh air and exercise can help. Relaxation helps with pain caused by stress. In detail, the following home remedies can help…


drinking water
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Even if it sounds so simple, it is often the quickest help: drink still water, preferably one or two glasses. In many cases, the cause of the headache is that we haven’t had enough to drink. The dehydration causes the blood to thicken and the oxygen supply to the nerves in the brain is at risk. The poor supply then leads to headaches.

Juniper tea has an analgesic effect

juniper tea
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Drinking tea can also help with budding headaches. Tea made from hibiscus flowers, juniper berries, or willow bark is particularly suitable for this. The juniper scores with a slight analgesic effect, hibiscus flowers have an antispasmodic effect and the natural pain reliever salicin is in the willow bark.

We know lemon in tea but in coffee? What sounds unusual at first can be a great help against headaches. Caffeine ensures that so-called prostaglandins, i.e. messenger substances that are responsible for conveying pain, are inhibited in the brain. The lemon juice with the vitamin C it contains stimulates blood circulation.

Spices have a pain-relieving effect

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Certain spices can also provide relief. When you chew on cloves, the pain-relieving effects unfold and the essential oils improve blood flow.

Ginger is a real all-rounder – no wonder that the root can also help against headaches. Whether chewed in the mouth as a powder, tea, or pure, the active ingredients inhibit the same enzyme in the body that is suppressed by aspirin.

Stress-related headaches: a hot bath can help

hot bath
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If the headache is stress-related, the first thing to do is relax. A hot bath can help, for example with aromas such as rosemary, lavender, or lemon balm. The warmth relieves tension and the essential oils of rosemary stimulate blood circulation. Lavender calms the senses, lemon balm calms the nerves – and promotes concentration.

Blow dryer for neck pain

man blow drying hair
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Many people tend to hunch their shoulders when they are stressed, which in turn leads to tension and headaches. Then a warm grain or cherry stone pillow can help. Simply place it on the tense areas in the neck for a while, it relaxes the muscles and counteracts the pain.

Instead of using a grain pillow, you can also use a blow dryer to heat your neck. Even if it sounds strange, just give it a try. Alternate between your right and left hand again and again so that you don’t get new tension. You should also not set the hairdryer too hot so that your skin is not irritated too much.

Do not use heat for migraines

headache migraine
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If the headache is caused by a migraine headache or a tension headache, you shouldn’t resort to heat, it can actually make the pain worse. It is better to put a cold compress or something similar on the neck or forehead for a few minutes. Repeat the process several times, interrupted by short pauses. The pain is relieved by the cold stimulus.

You can also achieve a cooling effect with peppermint oil. Apply it to your temples or forehead. Always make sure that the oil does not get too close to the eyes, otherwise, tears will flow.


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Exercise and fresh air are also very helpful for tension headaches. Even a short walk or a little lap on the bike promises quick recovery. Breathe in consciously, deeply into your stomach. By stimulating blood circulation, the body is adequately supplied with oxygen.


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Acupressure can also help you get rid of annoying headaches. The pressure massage stimulates energy pathways which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, run through our body. So the energy can flow again unhindered. The bridge of the nose and the temples are suitable acupressure points for this. If you massage this with light pressure and in circular movements, you will feel better quickly.

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