These 3 Active Ingredients Help With Neurodermatitis

These 3 Active Ingredients Help With Neurodermatitis

Itching, burning, pain: atopic dermatitis is torture for those affected. Good skincare can help here – especially with these three ingredients.

Incurable, only treatable: If your skin itches and burns again due to neurodermatitis, you should definitely rely on the right care. But did you know that you shouldn’t do without it even in quiet phases? With the right care, relapses can be prevented or weakened. Above all, these ingredients play a role:


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If a mother takes probiotics in the last weeks of pregnancy, she can protect her baby from neurodermatitis: this is what studies suggest. If you already have neurodermatitis, good bacteria can still play a role: In skincare products, bacterial extracts support the skin’s microbiome and thus its ability to regenerate. Some manufacturers combine bacterial extracts with probiotics (food for good bacteria) and lactic acid to provide additional support for the flora of your skin. Because the skin is also part of the immune system and that needs to be promoted.


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Ceramides are not exactly cheap, but they are an increasingly important topic in cosmetics. They are made up of long-chain fatty acids and therefore can combine with molecules to improve cell function. This strengthens the protective function of your skin, which is usually severely impaired in the event of an atopic dermatitis attack. Invading bacteria can make the itching and burning sensation worse. With appropriate care, you restore the skin barrier and enable your skin to overcome the thrust faster.


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Nature also provides relief from neurodermatitis: oats are known for their anti-inflammatory effects and are therefore used in cosmetics, for example, to make skin redness and dry areas supple. Of course, this also benefits atopic dermatitis patients: The mild medicinal plant can be added in finely ground form to the active formula and support your skin in healing.

Where does neurodermatitis come from?

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The main cause of eczema is genetic predisposition. With the right diet and lifestyle, the disease can be contained, but not prevented. Other allergies, such as pollen or food, are often the trigger for flare-ups. Stress or psychological factors should also not be underestimated – as should hormonal changes or taking the pill.

Patients typically learn to live with the disease by identifying individual triggers for flare-ups and then avoiding them. You have to find the right care first because not every cream works equally well for everyone. Certain ingredients – see above – are very promising and are generally well-received.

No thrust? That’s why you should still cream

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Once an episode has passed, many patients become careless: They do without annoying lotion. But under certain circumstances, this can mean that the next episode will follow soon. That is why doctors divide neurodermatitis treatment into acute care and basic care. The basic care gives the skin oil and strengthens its protective barrier, as dry skin becomes inflamed more quickly. Acute care also contains an anti-inflammatory component that is supposed to help reddened, burning skin to heal. The finely ground oats in the RefloraSkin Creme are responsible for this.

Last but not least, you should also consistently pay attention to a wholesome diet and a healthy lifestyle so that your immune system is optimally prepared against a surge.

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