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10 Home Remedies For A Sparkling White Toilet!


Cleaning the toilet and removing limescale is not a great job. Many use chemical clubs, but home remedies also make your toilet hygienically clean and really nice and white. The best tips for cleaning the toilet.

Cleaning the bathroom and toilet is a necessary evil, otherwise unpleasant smells, and unhygienic urine stones can spread. There are often places on the toilet that is difficult to reach, especially the inside of the rim. But that’s where dirt accumulates.

Cleaning the toilet with home remedies instead of expensive toilet cleaners

cleaning toilet
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More and more manufacturers of toilet cleaners are promising that their product can work wonders and that the toilet can be made sparkling clean with little effort, but that is not always the case. Often these cleaning agents are also quite expensive. We have the best life hacks for you, which make scrubbing in hard-to-reach places easier and save your wallet. You can really simplify the annoying toilet cleaning with a few tips and tricks and thus save valuable time.

Denture cleaner tabs remove limescale

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Use a denture cleaner tablet and just toss it in the toilet bowl. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes and then rinse.

Baking powder or baking soda for glowing toilets

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Baking powder or baking soda also gives your toilet a glow and makes the famous gray veil disappear. Sprinkle a little baking soda or baking soda in areas that have brown edges. Let the powder sit for a while. Then rinse thoroughly.

Vinegar or vinegar essence for urine stone

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Stubborn limescale deposits and urine scale keep coming up in the toilet. Pour a small amount of neutral, light white vinegar or vinegar essence into the toilet. Let it work and then rinse.

Detergents dissolve toilet dirt

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Washing powder for white laundry is a great way to make the toilet shine. It’s best to pour half a cup of detergent into the toilet in the evening. You just let it work overnight. So-called surfactants are contained in the detergent, which loosens unsightly dirt particles. Limescale deposits are removed by the water softener contained in the detergent.

Cola dissolves limescale and urine scale

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Do you still have some leftover Coke in the house? Wonderful. Because you pour the cola in the toilet. Wait about 30 minutes, rinse and brush thoroughly.

Soapy water against bacteria

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But toilet lids and toilet seats should not be forgotten either, because they too can be dirty and contaminated with bacteria. Use a mild soapy solution and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Various toilet cleaning utensils

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Remember that you will also use different cleaning supplies for different parts of the toilet. You should clean the toilet seat with different agents than the inside of the toilet. This must not be cleaned with corrosive chemicals or cleaning agents. You should also use different sponges.

Toilet stone for the smell

toilet block
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A toilet block usually ensures a permanently pleasant smell. This brings a good smell but does not save cleaning.

Dishwasher tabs also clean toilets

dishwashing tablets
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Is no denture cleaner available in the house? But what about dishwasher tabs for the machine? Great – because these are also suitable for cleaning the toilet. Throw two tablets in the toilet bowl, leave to work and rinse.

The curved toilet brush gets into the corners

toilet brush
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Most toilet brushes have a straight handle, but it is worth buying a toilet brush with a wire. You can bend this easily and you can get under the inner edge of the toilet much easier than with a conventional brush.

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