How Can Your Home Be Tidy In Just A Few Minutes?


Order is half the battle – but it shouldn’t be tidying up! With our tidying hacks, you can quickly organize your apartment and enjoy the rest of the day.

Tidying up is annoying, but sometimes urgent. There are some tips and tricks on how the unloved activity doesn’t take up your whole day!

A little bit every day

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Many of us avoid tidying up because it feels like a big undertaking: “If I start now, I’ll waste the whole day just tidying up!” So it makes sense to break it down into small, manageable portions. One day you tidy up the kitchen, another day you take care of the bathroom. Make a goal of cleaning up for five to ten minutes each day.

This way, you don’t get that much clutter in the first place, because tidying up in small portions motivates you to do something regularly. By the way, some things go by the way: while you’re cooking you can put the dishwasher away, wipe the sink while brushing your teeth and fold your laundry while you watch the latest episode of your favorite series.

An organized wardrobe

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Best-selling author and cleaning queen Marie Kondo has the unbeatable tip on how to keep your wardrobe tidy: organize your clothes so that you can reach every item of clothing at any time without having to rummage through piles. You fold T-shirts and sweaters into small packages and store them upright in a drawer, socks, and underwear anyway. Sweaters and trousers, as well as dresses and jackets, can be easily hung on hangers.

This means that you’ll never again have to look for your favorite T-shirt at the bottom of a pile and mess up the rest of the clothes. This also makes it very easy to put away. You can also quickly see which items of clothing you haven’t worn in a long time. Maybe it’s finally time to say goodbye here. With this method, you not only create order in your wardrobe but also keep it tidy over the long term.

Tidy up small items efficiently

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Parents especially will love this trick! Plush toys, Lego bricks, small cars, dolls, children’s kitchen accessories, marbles, colored pencils, and children’s books are distributed at a child-friendly height, namely 90 percent on the floor. The offspring may like that, but mom and dad quickly get into a crisis in such an environment. Most of all, most things actually belong in a completely different room. Where do you start?

Grab a large laundry basket and start in a room. Put the toys that belong in this room in their place. You put the others in the laundry basket. Then you carry the things to the next room, remove from the laundry basket what can be left in this room, and take with you what does not belong there. So you can make your rounds of the apartment and don’t run headless from room to room. The big advantage: You can see your progress so quickly that you can be really motivated to tackle the matter.

Remove the tangled cables

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There is creative chaos, organized clutter, and ugly mess. Cable clutter, unfortunately, belongs to the latter. Nobody likes tangled cables, but pretty much everyone has one at home. Most likely, all of your charging cables are plugged into one power strip. You can easily hide them in a pretty shoebox: decorate the shoebox with wrapping paper, washi tape, or acrylic paint and provide enough holes. A hole needs to be big enough for the power strip cable to pass through. You also need small openings for the various charging cables. Your tangled cables are now neatly tucked away in the box and your electronic devices are noticeably wrong. If you don’t feel like decorating a shoebox, just take a pretty magazine holder.

No more bed linen mess!

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Most textiles can be folded and stacked neatly. But we always have our difficulties with the bed linen. So that your bedding closet doesn’t sink into chaos and you have to look for individual parts every time, you should do the following: Fold your duvet cover neatly together. If you are using multiple pillows, fold all of the pillowcases together but one. Then let all of the bedding items that belong together disappear into the last pillowcase. The next time you change linen, you only have to look for one part!