How To Carve The Perfect Pumpkin For Halloween? Tips and Tricks

How To Carve The Perfect Pumpkin For Halloween? Tips and Tricks

No longer to haunt creepy characters through the streets and celebrate Halloween! Here are instructions on how to easily carve a Halloween pumpkin.

Carving pumpkins is not only fun, but it is also a great activity for the whole family. There are no limits to the design – after all, Halloween has “many faces”! We have put together instructions and various ideas for creative pumpkin faces so that the family afternoon is a success and you achieve the best carving results.

What do you need for your pumpkin decoration?

pumpkin decoration
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A pumpkin of your choice, but the Hokkaido pumpkin is best

If you have it available: a pumpkin carving set, otherwise a spoon or ice cream scoop is sufficient

A pen

Sharp knives of various sizes with pointed ends

A large bowl for the pumpkin pulp

A smaller bowl for seeds and fibers

A tea light or a candle

Clean the pumpkin

cleaning pumpkins
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Loosens the soil and dirt from the pumpkin and wash it off thoroughly. Mark a cutting line below the handle so that you can cut off the lid with a pointed, sharp knife. For this, you should cut about 2 cm deep into the shell and use the knife to continue the cut straight around the pumpkin. Even here there are no limits to the imagination: For example, the lid can be separated from the rest of the pumpkin with a zigzag line.

Remove the pulp and seeds

pumpkin seeds
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Hard work is now the order of the day: Hollow out the pumpkin with a spoon, hand, or ice cream scoop. Make sure to remove stubborn fibers and seeds so that the pumpkin does not rot. But don’t throw away the pulp! It can be used to cook many delicious dishes, such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin risotto, or pumpkin cream cold brew.

There is a little trick to tell whether you have peeled out enough pulp: if you can use a flashlight to shine through the peel from the inside to the outside, the pumpkin is ready for the next step. Now you can rest a little because the pumpkin now has to dry out a bit. Before doing that, wipe it off again.

Carve the face in the pumpkin

carving pumpkin
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Now comes the exciting part: the carving of the face! Select a template for this, print it out and place it on the pumpkin. It is best to attach them with adhesive tape. If you still need inspiration for your face, you will definitely find it in our collection of ideas below.

Trace the lines of the carving template with a pen or a knife to transfer the contours for the face onto the bowl.

Remove the template and start carving. Take a sharp knife and cut along the contours so that the pieces come off the pumpkin afterward. It is best to start with the filigree areas, as the pumpkin is even more stable at the beginning. Work particularly carefully in these areas. Put a candle or a tealight in the hollowed-out pumpkin.

Preserve and place the pumpkin

preserving pumpkin
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Why bother when the pumpkin dries out or becomes moldy? To avoid that and to leave it standing after October 31st, you have to preserve your splendid specimen. You can do this by putting some petroleum jelly on kitchen paper and wiping it over the pulp. It also helps to keep the pumpkin in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.

Pumpkin carving has long since become an art in itself. If you look for inspiration in the social networks, you are often overwhelmed by artistically perfectly crafted pumpkins. For children, however, this is usually still too demanding – and too time-consuming. It doesn’t always have to be the perfect face, Halloween thrives on creative and unusual ideas. We have put a few together for you.

What’s your pumpkin mood? The first step is to decide which mood the pumpkin face should convey. Happy, Creepy, or Silly?

Child-friendly motifs

child carvnig pumpkin
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Next, choose the shapes that you will cut out of the pumpkin. For example, it is easier for children to cut out triangular eyes. Those who are a little more skilled can also try their hand at round or oval shapes.

Additional effects over different carvings depths

scraped pumpkin

You can also consider whether you want to work with different depths. Do you perhaps not cut out the piece for the eye at all, but just scrape off the top layer, as here?

Halloween typical animals

bat pumpkin
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Of course, it doesn’t have to be a face that you carve into your pumpkin. It can also be something completely different, such as an owl. Let your imagination run wild!

Surface technology

Another variant of pumpkin carving is to only scratch the surface of the peel. The contours are later illuminated by candlelight and beautifully illuminate the pumpkin.

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