10 Tips on How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Effectively

10 Tips on How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Effectively

Belly fat is a serious health risk. Even if your little lifebuoy doesn’t bother you visually, you should try to shed the extra pounds if you want to stay healthy and fit for a long time. We’ll tell you ten tips on how you can lose weight specifically on your stomach and thus reduce your unhealthy belly fat.

Sit-ups and planks aren’t your thing? Never mind. Such abdominal muscle exercises can certainly have their positive effects, but are actually not the most successful exercise to get rid of the belly fat.

Build muscle through strength training

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Other strengthening exercises are much better suited for general muscle building. Basically, any exercise is good because it uses up calories.

Sports physicians, however, have found that building muscle is particularly important in order to consume even more calories in the long term. It is therefore effectively helpful against fat storage on the stomach if you strengthen your large muscle groups: for example the legs, the buttocks or the back.

The latter not only prevents back pain , but also provides the necessary body tension. Most strength exercises automatically challenge the abdominal muscles.

A positive side effect: even if you lie comfortably on the couch instead of exercising, you consume more calories. Muscle mass consumes more energy than body fat and so you increase your basal metabolic rate.

In the long run, you can lose weight on your stomach through muscle training – provided you stick to chips, chocolate and the like on the couch.

HIIT as a magic formula against belly fat

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It sounds complicated when others talk about HIIT and you don’t really know why these letter combinations should help against the curves on your stomach?

Make friends with it, it’s worth it: HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” and translates as high-intensity interval training. This will make you sweat a lot, as several high-speed exercises usually follow one another before a break is taken.

So this is a high burden that is not right for everyone. But those who are fit benefit from it. Scientists found that with this type of training – unlike conventional endurance training with even load – the fat rolls on the stomach tend to melt and significantly increase calorie consumption.

The decisive factors are probably the so-called explosive movements and the afterburning effect. Due to the high intensity, you consume more calories even after the workout, which usually does not last longer than 30 minutes.

Astonishing: The first studies on this existed as early as 1985.

What does that mean for your fitness exercises? You practice this at a speed and depending on your fitness level for about 20 to 40 seconds. If your fitness allows it, you are welcome to do several exercises in a row before taking a short break of one to two minutes.

You are welcome to repeat this circle two or three times. The nice thing about it: Overall, the training can be very short, for example around 15 to 30 minutes. It is crucial that your pulse stays up all the time.

Protein-rich diet keeps you full longer

Protein food
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If muscles are to grow, they need the right food: protein.

“Depending on the intensity, duration and frequency of training, protein quantities of 1.4 grams per kilogram to 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight per day are recommended for building muscle,” says the German Institute for Sports Nutrition as a rule of thumb.

In addition, a protein-rich meal will keep you full longer and digestion will require more energy than if you were to eat a sandwich, for example.

According to this, you burn more calories even while eating. Plan more vegetable protein sources and eat as varied as possible. This is how you achieve a better amino acid profile.

So make sure you have a source of protein at every meal in the future. You can upgrade pasta with tomato sauce with legumes , feta cheese or tofu , meat or fish.

It is worth checking the meal plan while exercising, for example with a free nutrition app. How many carbohydrates are on the plan, how much protein, how much fat?

Overall, your calorie intake should be below your daily consumption and the carbohydrate content should not cover more than 50 percent of the food. Then the energy production from the fat reserves is particularly effective.

Eating as colorful as possible can reduce belly fat

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Eat colored: This simple diet rule brings you many advantages. Thanks to various fresh vegetable units, which are as raw or steamed as possible, you get an optimal supply of vitamins, trace elements and vital substances.

When you lose weight around your stomach, there is another positive effect: you will be full more quickly thanks to the fiber in vegetables and fruits and you will consume fewer calories overall.

However, you should give preference to vegetables: Fruit contains a lot of fructose. Therefore, two pieces of fruit, ideally for breakfast, and at least three servings of vegetables are a good daily guideline.

At the same time, you can also access valuable vegetable fats, because they also support a healthy metabolism.

Nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and the like are an ideal snack for those who want to lose weight. The UGB (Association for Independent Health Advice) certifies that the high-energy kernels have a positive effect on the waistline: According to a study, anyone who consumed a small handful of them every day was slimmer.

Lemon drink in the morning to boost your metabolism

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A tip that is highly regarded among those who want to lose weight is the daily glass of water with lemon. This vitamin-rich drink can wake up tired spirits and the metabolism, especially in the morning, and is a refreshing alternative to coffee.

The possible effect: the citric acid stimulates excretory organs such as the kidneys and liver. Vitamin C supports the formation of collagen and thus improves the skin tone in problem areas – and ideally the waist circumference is reduced.

Avoid sugary drinks for a flat stomach

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The fact that it generally helps to avoid sugar in diets is not new: Sugar brings many empty calories without nutrients and makes blood sugar soar in an unhealthy way, which again leads to cravings and can promote the development of diabetes.

This does not only apply to sweets, white flour and spreads, but above all to soft drinks.

The calories it contains can be swallowed quickly without filling you up. All in all, the calorie account then rises quickly and excessively.

Even low-calorie soft drinks, which are seductive thirst-quenchers with the help of sugar substitutes and sweeteners, do not offer a solution.

It is suspected that these diet variants increase the appetite for additional food, making it more difficult to reduce calories.

Avoid salty foods

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It’s not just sugar that makes your girth grow. Sometimes too much water is a nuisance in the tissue. This can be the case if you eat salty foods frequently.

Your kidneys are constantly working against an excess of salt in the body, but the minerals in the salt can spread through the body tissue.

Even if only marginally increased, this then nevertheless attracts more water. You may even feel this inner tension at times.

If you reduce your salt consumption, your blood pressure may even benefit.

You feel more vital overall and move much more intensely if not too much water is stored in the body – a plus for a flatter stomach.

Lose weight while you sleep

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Getting enough sleep obviously keeps your body weight in balance. Studies showed that subjects who slept less than seven hours put more weight on the scales.

The core of the body in particular seems to store more fat when there is a lack of sleep. Apparently, several hormonal control loops play a role here.

According to information from the Association for Independent Health Advice (UGB) , the satiety hormone leptin and the appetite-increasing hormone ghrelin could become imbalanced due to lack of sleep. According to the theory, this increases appetite and overall calorie intake when there is little sleep.

Insufficient sleep is often associated with increased stress levels. The stress hormone cortisol in turn affects the fat cells in the abdomen. You then store a lot more fat as armor. So make sure you get restful and adequate sleep so that your fat pads on your stomach do not grow in the first place.

Motivation through clear goals

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Before you get started and revolutionize your diet, fitness exercises and sleeping habits: create an anchor for lasting motivation. Because the way could be long. If you have clear goals in mind, you’re more likely to stay on the ball.

While standing, measure your waist circumference at the height of your belly button. Make a note of the value. Repeat this after the first two weeks of your dieting efforts. Are you already seeing the first effects? Then it is not difficult to continue.

If not, don’t be discouraged. You should possibly also seek professional support from experienced fitness trainers or nutritionists who can support you with your individual problems.

By the way: women with a waist circumference of over 88 centimeters, men over 102 centimeters, should definitely do something about it. Then there are long-term health risks to be feared.

Health protection by removing weight on the stomach

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Understand the benefits of losing weight on your stomach. It is now scientifically sufficiently safe:

Visible pork belly is not only ugly for most of those affected, the fat reserves also harbor health risks when the appearance is actually still quite okay. Therefore, it is never wrong to reduce your waist size.

Doctors speak of the so-called visceral belly fat, which is deposited around the organs in the abdomen. Because the belly fat is a metabolically active tissue. So-called silent inflammations can be fueled there.

Contrary to what has long been assumed, it produces tissue hormones that can also reduce insulin sensitivity, for example. One of the consequences can be diabetes, but certain types of cancer are also associated with obesity.

The inside of blood vessels can also suffer when abdominal fat releases these inflammatory factors, thereby damaging the inner walls of the blood vessels. In the long term, this increases the risk of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

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