Easy Tips How To Make Pan Lasagna?-Homemade Pan Lasagna

Easy Tips How To Make Pan Lasagna?-Homemade Pan Lasagna

You don’t have an oven, but you have a huge appetite for lasagna? Then simply prepare the dish in the pan on the stove.

Maybe sometimes you long for real feel-good dishes like lasagna – but then there is not enough time. There is a very simple solution to this: the pan lasagna.

Lasagna is not prepared on the stove as usual and then baked in the oven. You only need one pan to cook the dish. So it’s a real one-pot dish.

You can simply replace the bechamel sauce, which is known to be part of lasagna, with Cremefine. If you have more time, you can of course also prepare and add a bechamel sauce.

Recipe for a quick one-pot lasagna

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With this recipe, the lasagna goes even faster and you only have to wash a pan instead of pots and an oven dish.


1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 kg of mixed minced meat

1 bottle of pureed tomatoes

30ml Cremefine

150g lasagne sheets

2 tbsp tomato paste


Spices (salt, pepper)


First, chop the onions and garlic and fry them together. Then add tomato paste. Add the minced meat and fry.

When the minced meat is cooked through, add the tomatoes and the lasagne sheets – preferably broken up so that they are smaller. Let everything simmer together for about 25 minutes.

Then add the creme fine, spices, and basil. Finally cut the mozzarella into slices and add.

The pan lasagna also works vegetarian

vegan lasagna
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Lasagna is an Italian classic that at first glance doesn’t work without minced meat. Vegetarian lasagna is also particularly tasty. Just replace the minced meat with vegan mince or vegetables.

Zucchini, carrots, celery, or mushrooms are suitable as vegetables. Just cut it into small pieces to make a hack alternative out of it.

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