How To Make Your Dry Skin Velvety Soft Again?

How To Make Your Dry Skin Velvety Soft Again?

Every year dry skin comes back in winter and with it cracked and itchy spots. We’ll tell you our beauty secrets on how to make it velvety again.

Healthy skin feels heavenly. It is supple, delicate, and soft. Often enough, this wonderful state changes in winter: the skin becomes dry, tight, and itchy. Very uncomfortable!

This is due to various reasons. Sometimes genetic traits are to blame for this. In winter, external influences usually cause the skin to dry out. The mix of cold, heated air, and bad eating habits cause problems for the skin. In the following, we will show you how you can pamper your skin and care for it particularly intensively. That is why the skin dries out in winter

When temperatures drop in winter, your skin becomes sensitive. This is because it reacts to the cold and produces less sebum. As a result, it no longer binds moisture and dries out. You can do a lot of good for your skin to protect it from the alternation of cold and hot air:

Get used to the wintertime outside and try to get outside as much as possible. Use less makeup. In winter, several layers of styling can make the skin even less able to cope with the wintry air.

Change your skincare routine. Do not use care that is tailored to summer skin, but rather to winter skin. It now needs a lot of fat and moisture. Take off your make-up in the evening. Eat healthily. Pamper your skin with masks, massages, and lots of creams. Sheet masks, in particular, are a quick help when the skin needs a lot of moisture immediately.

This care helps against dry skin

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During body care, water and oil are removed from the skin. The best way to protect your skin is with a water-in-oil emulsion, which provides more moisture.

For the time being, you should avoid using oil-in-water creams if your skin is dry. It is absorbed quickly, but not sufficiently greasy. After a few minutes, your skin will feel very dry again.

The best time to apply creams with high moisture content is when you don’t go out into the fresh air straight away. The colder it gets outside and the more you heat up, the more difficult it is for your skin to store the moisture it contains. This weakens the already crumbling skin barrier even more and also allows the skin to dry out. Walking outside in freezing temperatures with freshly applied moisturizer can even tear your skin.

When buying grooming products, make sure they contain the following ingredients. They help the winter skin particularly well:



Linoleic acid

Evening primrose oil

Avocado, almond, or wheat germ oil

Shea butter

Hyaluronic acid

You should avoid using skincare products with paraffin. It makes the skin dry and rough and is only included in the product so that it lasts longer and is easier to apply. Additives such as alcohol or fragrances and dyes can also worsen your skin condition.

If you have dry skin, take a lukewarm shower

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Especially when showering and bathing in winter you can make your skin feel better. With these tips, the skin becomes pleasantly soft:

Take off your makeup before you shower. It is best to use a mild cleansing gel for this.  It is ideal to take a short, lukewarm shower. Of course, a hot bath or shower is more pleasant. But this removes even more moisture from the skin. You should use a gentle or pH-neutral shower gel to clean it. So that you can bind the moisture in the skin, you should not rub yourself dry with the towel after showering, but pat dry. Then you apply a moisturizing cream and rub it into the skin that is still damp with a towel. A lot helps a lot: In winter you can put on more cream or use sheet masks. Your skin needs a lot of attention now!

This is the best way to get your dry skin through the winter

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Your face in particular will be happy about a rich cream that has a high-fat content. It is best to take care of your skin in the morning and in the evening to strengthen the skin barrier.

It is also important that you take care of your lips. They don’t have sebum glands, which is why you have to bring in fat from the outside. It is best to use lip care products made from vegetable waxes or oils. They repair chapped and chapped lips.

By the way: If the lips are dry, you shouldn’t run your tongue over them. That makes them even drier afterward. Only caring for them helps to make them supple again.

You can pamper cold and dry hands with an extra portion of care: apply a moisturizing cream to them in the evening and wear thin cotton gloves at night. This will allow the cream to soak in while you sleep.

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