How To Prepare Cheese Tea-Simple Cheese Tea Recepie!

How To Prepare Cheese Tea-Simple Cheese Tea Recepie!

This drink inspires – even if the name doesn’t sound very appealing at first. Because the cheese tea from Taiwan is refreshing and creamy at the same time.

Admittedly, this new trend drink doesn’t sound really appealing at first.

Cheese and tea would actually be a very idiosyncratic combination. In this case, however, it is cream cheese and tea.

Does that sound a lot tastier? It is! The summer drink originating in Taiwan combines your favorite tea with a creamy cream cheese topping.

Tea can be this creamy: recipe for cheese tea

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As it should be for a cool summer drink, you can enjoy the cheese tea, of course, ice-cold. Fresh teas are best, for example, matcha, which gives you a caffeine kick and energizes you.

Use only 100 milliliters of water to brew the leaves so that the tea becomes nice and strong. The mildly sweet cream cheese topping harmonizes perfectly with the intense tea taste.

You need these ingredients for a cheese tea:

100 ml of your favorite tea (e.g. matcha tea, black tea, or fruit tea)

2 tbsp cream cheese

50 ml of cream

1 tbsp milk

1 tbsp sugar or a sugar alternative

1 pinch of salt

To prepare the cheese tea, brew the type of tea of your choice in 100 milliliters of water and then set the tea aside to cool. If necessary – depending on how much time you have – you might even want to chill the tea that is no longer hot for a while.

In the meantime, stir the remaining ingredients in a bowl. The cheese tea becomes even creamier if you use a hand mixer and whisk the mixture loosely.

Now put the cooled tea with ice cubes in a glass and top it with the cream cheese mixture. Your new favorite drink is ready.

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