How To Reduce Your Waist Size!-Tips and Tricks

How To Reduce Your Waist Size!-Tips and Tricks

Losing weight on your stomach doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll show you how to get rid of belly fat and annoying belly rolls. For optimal results, you should rely on a combination of exercise, a healthy diet, and sleep.

Often it is the carbohydrates and high blood sugar levels that manifest themselves in belly fat. It is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle to break down belly fat so as not to become overweight. First of all, you should understand how belly fat behaves and when it is classified as a health hazard.

Today, the BMI is no longer the means of choice, but the waist circumference to measure belly fat and assess whether the amount present is problematic. The waist circumference is measured in the morning at the level of the navel. A value over 1.02 meters for men and 0.88 meters for women is critical. But even below that, a diet can be worthwhile.

Because, unlike fat that is stored in the hips and breaks down unhealthy fatty acids, belly fat serves as a reserve and has no practical use. A high percentage of fat in the blood even causes the blood sugar level to rise significantly and can lead to many secondary problems. In addition, if you are overweight, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and tumors are favored. When the belly fat presses on the internal organs, it can even affect the potency.

Lose belly fat through exercise

Physical activity and muscle building increase the metabolic rate of carbohydrates. This way, more calories are burned in less time.

Build muscle by doing a sport of your choice. It is important to address a wide variety of muscle regions. New findings show that leg training is also important when losing weight.

The most strenuous sport is not necessarily the healthiest. High-Intensity Interval Training concepts give you recommendations on how you can keep improving with varied exercises.

The right diet is what counts

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Eating properly does not necessarily mean giving up something. Certain food additives also help break down belly fat. Magnesium in particular is essential for regulating heartbeat and blood sugar levels. Foods with a high magnesium content include nuts and legumes, but also leafy vegetables. Be sure to seek advice from a family doctor before resorting to dietary supplements. He will advise you which dose is right for you.

You should avoid sugary soft drinks if possible. For some products, however, there are sugar-free alternatives such as Cola Zero. Instead, you can use lukewarm lemon water early in the morning. This advances fat metabolism and contains a lot of vitamin C.

In addition, you should avoid ready-made food if possible and cook with low salt. 2.3 grams of salt per day is enough. In addition, salt draws water from the blood and stores it.

In general: Eat varied and balanced. Proteins in particular stimulate the metabolism and keep you full for a long time. So, at best, eat protein-rich foods such as milk, fried eggs, and cheese.

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