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How To Style Your Jogging Suit For Everyday Use?- Fashion Tips


In the past frowned upon, now super stylish and absolutely trendy since the beginning of the Corona crisis: the jogging suit. You can find out from us how to style a jogging suit so that you can leave the house in your favorite cozy look without hesitation!

The fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld once said: “Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life.” If he saw all the stylish jogging suits today, he would probably be amazed at what you can get out of the previous home wear. With a few simple tricks, your cozy outfit at home can quickly become a fashion statement.

The perfect jogging suit: tone on tone

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The currently most popular way to style a jogging suit is a so-called matching set. The sweatshirt and sweatpants are chosen tone on tone and go perfectly together. As a result, the jogging suit doesn’t look much more stylish than if you just wear some old sweatpants and a T-shirt for an evening on the couch. How sweaters and sweatpants are cut is entirely up to you. The loungewear becomes a fashionable outfit and is suitable for almost all situations – even outside of our four walls.

The jogging suit in winter: elegant with a coat

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In cold temperatures, we are usually too cold outside in jogging suits. It’s good that a nice coat makes our jogging set look super elegant. Whether a trench coat, a teddy coat, a classic wool coat, or high-quality down coats help keep you warm and make your jogging suit look more stylish and modern. The mix of the elegant coat and the casual jogging suit makes your outfit an absolute eye-catcher. 

A glamorous jogging suit? Just choose the right accessories

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So that your look doesn’t look too casual with the jogging suit, it is best to use high-quality accessories that give your look that certain something. Beautiful, discreet jewelry, a playful headband or large sunglasses spice up your look. But the choice of shoes can also determine how your jogging set will affect others. Combined with cool sneakers, the look is a lot more sporty than with ankle boots – both look great.

A comfortable alternative to a jogging suit

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For everyone who is still not a fan of the sporty look of the jogging suit, there is also a solution: matching sets with knitted trousers and sweaters. The trend is just as comfortable as a jogging suit, but the knitted look makes it more elegant and feminine. The knitted tops are usually rather tight, but nice and soft. The knitted pants often come in the style of bell-bottoms. To make the knitted combination even more stylish, you can follow the same tips as for the jogging suit. One thing is clear: both styles are super cozy and modern!