How To Use The Makeup Egg Properly?

How To Use The Makeup Egg Properly?

When it comes to flawless make-up, make-up artists and make-up professionals swear by the beauty blender as the secret tool. Here’s how to use the makeup sponge correctly.

After applying make-up, do you have make-up blobs everywhere and even hours later you can still find the remains of your foundation under your nails? Not exactly nice. That’s why many people use make-up brushes to keep their hands clean. But let’s be honest: the foundation cannot be worked into the face really well with it and excellent results are rarely achieved with the brush technique.

At first glance, apart from its shape, the make-up egg looks like a normal make-up sponge. But thanks to its special surface structure and the shape of a chicken egg, it promises particularly flawless results without soaking up and wasting too much of the usually expensive foundation.

Water on!

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To use the right technique, you have to get the make-up egg underneath really wet. So hold the sponge under the faucet. Then gently squeeze out the beauty blender. Make sure not to squeeze it out completely.

Nevertheless, the beauty blender shouldn’t be dripping with water. A good guideline is to moisten it so much that nothing drips, but it can no longer absorb moisture.

Make-up on the sponge

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Then you give the make-up of your choice to the rounded area. In addition to your foundation, you can safely use the beauty blender for your BB or CC cream or even for your facial serums or fixing products. A real all-around talent!

Because the sponge is soaked with water, it cannot absorb more product than necessary. You don’t waste any of your precious foundations and your make-up ends up exactly where it should: on your face.

Blending the make-up

With the spherical underside on which you have just spread your product, you can apply and blend your make-up perfectly on your face.

Make sure that you spread your make-up beyond your jawline so that you don’t get the horror of make-up edges.

The finishing touches

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If you want to work more precisely, for example to perfectly spread concealer under the eyes or if you want to fine-tune your hairline, you can use the tip of the beauty blender. So you can skilfully conceal even the last crease or pimple. By the way: smaller make-up eggs are suitable for particularly precise applicationHere the technology is exactly the same as with the large version.

Don’t forget to clean!

The last step is at least as important as the steps before it. Please don’t forget to clean your beauty blender!

After using your makeup egg, wash it out thoroughly and let it dry on a kitchen towel or towel. Why is that so important?

The dots on the skin and the moisture can collect bacteria in your make-up sponge, which are particularly comfortable here. If you use a dirty sponge, you run the risk of redistributing these bacteria on your skin, which in the worst-case scenario can lead to nasty pimples.

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