Intimate Hygiene-5 Mistakes That You Should Absolutely Avoid

Intimate Hygiene-5 Mistakes That You Should Absolutely Avoid

Intimate hygiene is still a little-discussed topic. Because of this, there are still many myths on the subject. Here you can find out what you should not do under any circumstances.

Intimate lotions, showerheads, sponges: there are quite a few things that are better to do without when caring for the intimate area. Intimate hygiene is a taboo subject.

And this is exactly why there are so many myths about it. These are the biggest mistakes that can be made “underneath”:

You wash your private parts too thoroughly

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This myth is partly true. The inside of the vagina has its own little ecosystem that cleans itself. So you don’t have to clean the inside, but the outer part of the vagina, such as small and large vulval lips, does.

You can do this very easily in the shower by cleaning the mons pubis and the transition to the inside of the thighs with clear water without shower lotion.

You use intimate lotions

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There are numerous creams, soaps, shampoos, and lotions that can be used to cleanse the intimate area. However, these can imbalance the natural pH.

Because many intimate cleansing agents have a pH value of 8 and therefore do not correspond to the actual pH value, which differs from woman to woman, but levels off between 3.5 and 4.5 – and is accordingly in an “acidic environment”.

This is why gynecologists recommend using a neutral, scented soap – or just water.

You are using the showerhead

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Under no circumstances use the showerhead to clean the intimate area! If you “rinse out” your vagina, you will not only remove the bad, but also the good bacteria in the vagina.

This, in turn, causes the pH to be unbalanced, which can cause infection. The same applies, by the way, if you slip into your clothes with your vagina still wet. This can also cause fungal infections.

You’re doing too much

The more often the better? Not correct! If you clean your vagina several times a day, you can also upset the pH balance. Once a day is sufficient to cleanse the intimate area.

It is best to wash the genital area with your (clean) hands. Bacteria can accumulate in rags and sponges, which are better avoided in the genital area.

You are using perfumed products

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It should always smell wonderful downstairs – many young women were used to that from an early age.

But the use of perfumes or moist scented towels can destroy the natural protective barrier of the vulva, just like the aggressive washing lotions or shower gels already mentioned.

And once the protective layer has been attacked, bacteria, fungi, or other intruders have an easy time of it.

Even those who are sensitive should therefore use normal toilet paper and, if necessary, moisten it with a little lukewarm water.

Be careful with the “wiping technique”: Always wipe the toilet paper from front to back so that no intestinal bacteria get into the vagina. The “dab technique” also makes sense here – first at the front, then at the back.

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