5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Whole-House Water Filter

5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Whole-House Water Filter

It is clear that many homeowners have problems tied to their water supply and that most tend not to use water supplied by the local water system. There is no doubt that this water has many issues and if we want to make it as usable as possible we tend to go with some sort of filtration system.

Today we are talking about a water filtration system for the entire house and that can be many things depending on what is your water source and what are you trying to filter. If by some chance you have a good system supply to your home, you might opt for sediment mechanical filtration, followed by water softener, followed by and UV system for disinfection, and so on. If you are on a city water supply, you might just run your whole-house water filtration based on the sediment filtration, getting rid of chlorine or chloramine, and call it a day. 

Since many of you are worried and troubled by these things, we will try to answer some questions and address a few things you need to consider before you opt for a whole-house water filter. Since there are several options and filter systems you can opt for here is what exactly to consider when deciding what to do.

Test your water supply

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Before making any decisions the best thing to do is test the water that is entering your household. This way you know exactly what you are up against and what you need to get rid of. This will also give you a clearer picture of what kind of system you need and your options will limit your search as well as cut down on unnecessary spending. Your water could have iron in it, chlorine, it could be just hard water that is making you problems and when you know what you are fighting with then your filtration system can be simpler and more effective against those things. There were situations where people ordered a whole-house filtration system that had everything in it and the result was that the homeowner had a problem with hard water with a little bit of chlorine in it that was supposed to go away. By not checking their water they installed a complete overkill system that took a lot of their money unnecessarily. 

What type of water are you getting?

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Since there are numerous different systems for whole-house water filtration you have to have in mind what type of water source you have – city water or well water. Depending on that the system will be adjusted to perform up to optimal regarding the water source it has. City water will call for a lot smaller variety of products needed mainly because your municipality already treats the water to some extent and you will only need to get rid of that chlorine smell and taste. If you are on the well supply the story is a bit different because the number of products and the amount of water treatment processes is just as varied as the amount of well there are. Depending on the problem you have, whether the chemical, mineral, or gas (rotten egg smell) you will have a variety of steps and technology needed to get rid of that problem or problems.

Do you need the whole-home filter?

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Now, many people make this mistake when it comes to water filtration. If you are one of those people that will not use their water, city or well, for drinking and don’t mind it going into their washing machines, coffee makers or whatnot then you probably don’t need the whole-house filtration system. In this case, you probably need under sink filter or filters in your washroom. So depending on the usage and needs you can opt for either filtration on spot, where you need it or filtration on the access point, meaning filtering out water for the entire home. Those over or under-the-counter filtration systems are smaller and much simpler and cheaper. They are used for filtering drinking water, cooking, maybe run it to the ice machine or refrigerator. So, with this information strongly consider what type of water user in your household you are and with that decide on what system you need. Don’t overspend and overcomplicate something you are not going to use, or use in such a matter that it is negligible. 

Check your plumbing

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If you opt for a whole-house water filtration system then you might want to do one thing before. Check your home plumbing entirely and replace whatever is rotten and whatever has sediment in the pipes for best results. Many tend to get disappointed in the effectiveness of the water filtration systems because they report or complain about nearly the same problems even after the installation. This is mostly due to bad or outdated plumbing in your home that is rotten to the limit of leaking, full of sediment that has been there for ages, and now the clean water from the point of entry is still pushing all that to your faucets and showers. The only way to make your water as clean as possible is to combine the water filtration system with a plumbing check and overhaul if needed. There is no point in cleaning up the water from the supply to the entry point in your home just to have it pick up all the bad stuff again after it passes the filtration systems. 

Find a reputable company to install one

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Now this should go without saying, but since we tend to hunt down bargains and as cheap as possible products, we somehow forget that having a reputable company, with experience, is an important factor, especially in things like these. If you buy a water filtration system cheaply online, any kind of system, and find someone that “has done these before” to install it for you, you might not get what you hoped for. Some companies dedicated their existence to supplying you with the best possible systems, with the best possible professionals and that can guarantee you the system will be immaculate. These don’t necessarily have to be all that expensive, but it does require some searching around. See with your neighbors who have done their system and whether they are satisfied, check online for companies that have the best ratings among users, and lastly, shop around to see for yourself the service, the quality, and their approach to the buyer.

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