Interior Design

A unique and fascinating interior design, recognized around the world
The interior of the Red Sea Star was created by the well-known designer Ms. Ayala Shperling Tzarfaty as an amazing extension of the underwater world surrounding it. Every detail has been meticulously planned in order to enhance the awareness of merging with the colorful aquatic scenery, reflected through the special giant windows (about 14 cm thick) especially imported from Japan.

The floor of the Red Sea Star is made of real sand covered by a transparent epoxy layer, which simulates an extraordinary feeling of walking on wet sand. The chairs are shaped like jellyfishes and octopuses, the design of the lighting is inspired by sea creatures, the pillars are in the shape of sea cucumbers, the banisters are like sea weed etc. – all in order to let the visitors of the Red Sea Star “feel the sea” as they dine in pleasure.

The dominant colors of the interior space of the Red Sea Star – “warm” shades of red and orange – were carefully chosen in order to break the cool blue colors of the sea. Special emphasis has been placed on the air-conditioning system, the lighting, the music and the acoustics. The underwater floor of the complex is shaped like a star – hence the name – and the tables and chairs of the underwater restaurant and bar are all positioned immediately next to the plate glass windows, which form the sides of the “Star”. All this, in order to increase as much as possible the surface area of the underwater floor and to allow each guest to sit comfortably and observe uninterruptedly the magnificent sight seen through the 62 giant windows, located in the walls and the ceiling of the underwater floor.

The comfortable sitting beside a giant window and the long lasting observation, while joyfully eating, specializes the Red Sea Star from other underwater observatories, in which the visitors quickly pass small windows, without allowing them to have the same close and intimate sensation of the sea felt in the Red Sea Star.