How To Keep Your Hands Supple?

How To Keep Your Hands Supple?

Everyone knows it: dry skin in winter that is tight and itchy. We’ll show you how to get supple hands even in winter.

Whether the classic handshake, a wave: hands have a special meaning in our society. You are in the focus and your appearance is important to us.

The lovingly cared for hands can quickly become rough, dry, and cracked in winter. Not only does it look unkempt, but it can also be painful.

Care needs in winter

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Freezing cold outside, dry heating air inside: the constant change is not good for our skin. The heating air removes moisture from the skin and low temperatures reduce the production of fat by our sebum glands.

The winter cold tempts us to take a hot bath and frequent hand washing. While regular hand washing is the be-all and end-all during the cold and corona period, it can damage the skin’s natural protective layer. Water that is too hot also dries out the skin. The hands can be spared with mild water temperatures, pH-neutral soap, and suitable hand cream.

Soft hands: the right tools

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You don’t have to have dry and tense hands, not even in winter. Warm gloves help to compensate for the warm-cold change. In order to reduce the influence of dry heating air, it helps to regularly cream the hands with rich hand cream. You should pay attention to the ingredients:

Shea butter: recommended – its fat concentration is similar to that of the skin.

Urea: is characterized by its naturalness. The substance is already contained in our skin and can provide extra support in a cream.

Natural oils such as coconut oil, olive, or evening primrose oil: provide moisture.

Glycerin: From a thirty percent percentage, the substance removes moisture from the skin.

Mineral oils: They seal the skin and make it difficult for the skin to breathe. The effect is therefore always short-term and damages the skin.

Emulsifiers: attack the natural protective layer of the skin and dry out the hands.

Help with chapped hands 

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Those who suffer from particularly affected skin can pamper their hands with an oil bath. To do this, simply mix some water with natural oils, such as olive oil, and soak your hands for a few minutes.

By applying thick cream to the hands before going to sleep, they can absorb a lot of moisture during the night. With cotton gloves, the bed linen can be protected from the cream and the effect intensifies.

The classic beauty tip

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The following applies to health and beauty: water, water, water! In winter we sweat less and therefore need less water. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to your water supply. A lack of water is noticeable externally through dry skin and cracked nails. Symptoms such as headache, dark urine, tiredness, and dry mucous membranes are clearer.

The nutrition center calculates 26 to 30 milliliters of water per kilo of body volume for adults at temperatures between 0 and 25 degrees. At temperatures above and below you should consume even more water. Herbal teas and, of course, water is ideal for water absorption. Alcoholic, sweetened, and high-fat beverages should not be included in the daily water requirement, as less water is consumed. Alcohol even removes some from the body.

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