This Will Make Your Laundry Dry Faster-5 Tips And Tricks

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Found at the last moment that the piece you wanted to wear is not dry yet? With these five tips, your laundry will dry faster.

If you don’t have a tumble dryer at home, you have to plan in advance when certain items of clothing will be washed. Because if it’s not exactly warm outside, it can take a few days for the laundry to dry completely.

However, vigorous spinning during the washing process and brief shaking before hanging can help to speed up the drying process a little. Five tips for dry laundry in no time. However, if you have to go faster, we have put together five practical tips for you that will dry your laundry in no time.

Leave enough space on the leash

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If you want to let your laundry dry on the clothesline as quickly as possible, you should leave enough space between the individual items.

This allows the air to circulate between the garments and dry better.

Use towels to help

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Spread a towel on a large table or on the floor to hold the item of clothing you want to dry.

Now put a layer of kitchen paper on top and place the pants, shirt or shirt on top. Now spread another layer on the garment and roll up the towel from the bottom. While doing this, press the moisture out of the garment and knead and twist the rolled-up towel to squeeze out as much water as possible.

It won’t dry your clothes completely, but you have drastically reduced the drying time.

Provide proper air circulation

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Set up one or more fans on your laundry and thus ensure better air circulation between the items of clothing.

It also helps to open two windows in the apartment and provide a draft.

Blow-dry your laundry

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If you are in a particular hurry, you can simply blow dry your laundry by hand with a hairdryer.

Tip: Do not only hold the hairdryer on the outside of your clothing, but also on the inside, e.g. trouser legs and shirt sleeves. Also, make sure that the hairdryer is not too close to the fabric to avoid heat damage.

Iron clothes dry

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Alternatively, you can dry damp clothes with iron.

Note: Check beforehand whether the garment is even suitable for ironing. Also, you shouldn’t iron a piece of clothing that is completely wet.

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