Why Magnetic Eyelashes Will Continue As A Trend?

Why Magnetic Eyelashes Will Continue As A Trend?

Artificial eyelashes look great – and often a lot of work. Magnetic eyelashes should now peel off the adhesive eyelashes. You can find out why this trend will continue here.

Permanent eyelash extensions are not exactly cheap, with fake lashes the nasty glue often puts us down. Can magnetic eyelashes be the solution? Thanks to tiny magnets, the false eyelashes should adhere by themselves … We’ll take a closer look!

Magnetic eyelashes are a relatively young trend, but they are already catching on. Brands specialize in a variety of designs that are attached to your eyelid using magnets. Not easy – but worth the effort?

Put on your eyelashes, fix them with magnets, and the arbor is ready: Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds at the beginning. I do try around a bit until I get the hang of it – but let’s be honest, it was the same with the glue eyelashes in the beginning. After a few trials runs, I actually find it easier to apply than to handle eyelash glue. A remnant of it always sneaks under your fingernails!

What I like best is that no glue can stick to my lash line here, which in the worst case could cost me a couple of real eyelashes. My sensitive eye skin also tolerates the magnetic eyelashes well, as no product has to be applied here. However, I don’t wear them every day, at most every other day.

Without glue: this is how the magnetic eyelashes work

magnetic lashes
img source: images.totalbeauty.com

The set contains two magnetic strips with eyelashes for each eye. You have to separate these from each other first. Now put one lash band under your own, then place the other on your lash line so that your own lashes lie in between. Due to the power of the magnets, the tapes adhere – without any annoying glue. Make sure that you put the straps as close to the roots as possible for a natural look. The great thing: if you handle the magnetic eyelashes carefully, you can use them multiple times. Is the thickening effect of the eyelashes not enough for you? No problem, you can also apply tints to these eyelashes. However, you should carefully clean the fine hairs after wearing them so that you can use them as often as possible.

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