How To Make Buttercream Healthy?-Buttercream Tips

How To Make Buttercream Healthy?-Buttercream Tips

Enjoy buttercream without regrets? It works with just one secret ingredient. Your guests are guaranteed not to notice the difference.

In addition to a fluffy sponge cake, a cake needs one thing above all else: a really tasty buttercream. As the name suggests, buttercream is usually made up of lots of butter, saturated fat, and sugar.

With this combination, you are not doing your figure or your health any favors. Even a single piece of buttercream cake is a real calorie bomb.

Easily replace white flour in a healthy way

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Fortunately, when baking, you can replace some unhealthy ingredients with healthy, nutrient-rich ingredients. A healthy alternative to white flour is, for example, whole grain, spelled, almond, or rice flour.

These types of flour contain more fiber and vital substances. They, therefore, fill you up better and don’t let your blood sugar level skyrocket as much.

Instead of butter, you can often use banana, apple, or nut butter. While you also save a lot of calories with the first two variants, peanut, almond, or cashew butter is full of vegetable protein and contains healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

You can replace sugar with many different foods, for example with sweet fruit, but also with agave syrup or maple syrup. These are lower in calories than industrial sugar and also contain important nutrients.

This secret ingredient makes buttercream healthy

sweet potato buttercream
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As you can see, you don’t need to go without delicacies in order to live a healthy and figure-conscious life. And even lavish buttercream cakes don’t have to be taboo, because with this recipe you can create a healthy and low-calorie cream that is particularly chocolatey and deliciously creamy, but still does not cause any regrets.

Would you have guessed which special ingredient makes the recipe creamy and sweet at the same time?


300g sweet potatoes (2 small; cooked)

240g sunflower seed puree (or another nut puree of your choice)

105g agave syrup or maple syrup

4 tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)

60ml plant milk

½ tbsp vanilla extract

a pinch of salt

You read that right, sweet potatoes make up the recipe for healthy buttercream. Their earthy sweetness harmonizes wonderfully with the taste of the cocoa and the consistency of the mashed potatoes is in no way inferior to the creaminess of butter.

The sweet potato also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals – especially beta-carotene. The complex carbohydrates and the high fiber content provide the organism with sustainable energy and keep you full for a long time.

In addition to butter, neither cow’s milk nor cream are part of the recipe, so this buttercream is also suitable for a vegan diet.

Prepare buttercream quickly and easily

vegan buttercream
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Unlike many other baking recipes, you don’t spend hours in the kitchen for this buttercream and you don’t have to wait until the consistency is firm enough.

To prepare it, simply move all of the ingredients – the boiled sweet potato, of course – in a blender or pureed with a hand blender until there are no more pieces and the consistency is creamy.

Since the recipe does not use butter at all, the cream can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days.

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