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With Which Tricks Will Make Your Thighs Look Slimmer?

by Sarah Smith
stylish girl

Every woman should have perfectly fitting jeans in her wardrobe. Especially when you have small problem areas, denim conjures up a great figure. We’ll tell you which cut and color you should go for.

What woman doesn’t dream of long, slim legs and a cracking bottom? This dream figure comes into its own particularly well in the perfect jeans. But women who are not blessed with a slim figure and who have so far avoided their favorite denim piece because of their strong thighs do not have to do without the special style factor of jeans.

Of course, stronger thighs are not a blemish, because not only long and slim legs are sexy. Curvy, female figures are also beautiful. However, it is often difficult for women who do not correspond to the classic “ideal of beauty” to find the right outfits, as they are unsettled by the supposedly perfect images from advertising and platforms such as Instagram. Often, however, it is enough if you know how to successfully stage the sexy curves.

Don’t give the “muffin top” a stage

jeans, muffin top

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No matter what figure you have, if the waistband cuts in and then cause the famous muffin top, it doesn’t look particularly advantageous. You can easily prevent the actually beautiful curves from “overflowing” by wearing pants that are not too low. Better to go for high-rise jeans, because they conjure up a narrow waist and also hide a small tummy. The pants with the extra high waistband end above the navel and make your legs look longer. In addition, they create a stunning hourglass silhouette and when you bend down, not a piece of skin or panties flashes out, which is often the case with the low-rise hipsters.

Straight or Bootcut?

bootcut and straight jeans

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Another option is midrise jeans that end just below the belly button. They too don’t show too much skin or draw the eye away from the love handles.

Focuses particularly on high-rise jeans with straight legs. They allow more freedom of movement than the skinny versions and do not require any model measurements. They sit relatively loosely and still emphasize your feminine curves without being bulky. This relaxed jeans model is a really stylish fashion statement, especially in today’s world, when body positivity is a top priority and you no longer have to submit to the dictates of the scales. When it comes to the cut, of course, you have many more options to shop exactly according to your needs. The bootcut is tight on the thigh and continues from the knee. This cut can even out your silhouette if you have very wide hips and thighs but narrow lower legs. With high shoes, a bootcut stretches your leg visually enormously and conjures up significantly longer legs.

Don’t be afraid of skinny jeans

skinny jeans

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If you can’t part with your skinny jeans, you should pay attention to a few things when styling so that the look with the super skinny jeans doesn’t look unfavorable. You shouldn’t wear an equally body-hugging top with your skin-tight pants. That’s just too much. Reach for a stylish oversized shirt or a wide-cut wool sweater. Tuck the top loosely into the waistband to make them look even more casual. High heels give you an extra dose of femininity in skinny jeans. Tired of heels? Of course, you can also combine flat shoes with skinny jeans. The high-top sneakers that are trendy in autumn are not a good choice because they compress the leg. Better to go for ankle or biker boots.

The color makes the difference

colors of denim

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You can also trick a little with the color of your new favorite jeans. You should avoid light washes or models that have noticeable light spots on some parts of the jeans. Reach better for the models in dark denim or black, because they work during the day as well as in the evening and visually stretch. The effect: You create a continuous line instead of using light spots on your hips and knees, for example, to direct the focus to certain points of your figure.

Black makes thin!

black jeans

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For a slim silhouette, it is, therefore, advantageous to use dark colors. A plain-colored look in particular does a great job here. What you should absolutely avoid is light-colored trousers with dark tops. This harsh contrast makes your legs look thicker. If you want light-colored trousers, stick to lighter color areas for the top as well.

When it comes to the tops that you style with your jeans, you should pay attention to one more point. And that affects the length of your outerwear. If the top of your choice is too long and reaches over your hips, this look compresses your legs. Tuck the top loosely into the waistband or choose a model that ends just above the hem – and your legs will look slimmer. When you’re a fan of patterns and like loud and garish, do realize that large-scale pattern of trousers rather unfavorably, for they carry on. Then prefer to wear pants with vertical stripes, you will look “longer” – and therefore slimmer.

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