3 Makeup Tricks That Will Completely Change The Lives Of Women Who Wear Glasses

3 Makeup Tricks That Will Completely Change The Lives Of Women Who Wear Glasses

It is not easy for women who wear glasses. They face particular challenges, especially when it comes to make-up. Do you know the best tricks for radiant “glasses make-up”? This is what really counts in the beauty routine for women who wear glasses!

No more annoying slipping of your glasses

In the morning you will have absolutely flawless make-up. Now put on your glasses and the day can begin. But after just a few minutes you are faced with a well-known problem: Your glasses are sliding down the bridge of your nose. Does your make-up run the risk of smudging when you keep pushing it up? Do not worry! We have the ultimate make-up trick for you that will never slip your glasses again: eyeshadow primer!

Dab some eyeshadow primer on the bridge of your nose, exactly where your glasses are. The foundation is matte and has a slightly sticky consistency that usually ensures that the eyeshadow pigments stay in place. The eyeshadow primer has to withstand constant blinking and greasy skin for many hours every day. Therefore it is ideal for the job of the “glasses holder”.

Never again have your eyes narrowed

img source: stylecaster.com

Myopic women in particular face a major challenge. Your poor eyesight calls for glasses that make your eyes look smaller. Of course, this is not at all in the interests of our make-up routine. But there is a trick that cancels out this optical distortion …

Use light and shimmery eyeshadow. Especially soft pink tones, creamy pastel, or apricot help to make your eyes look as big as possible. White kohl on the lower waterline will also enlarge your eye.

For the wow effect, you should definitely use eyelash curlers! Curl your eyelashes before ink and ink them by moving the ink brush towards the inner corner of your eye. Your eyelashes make the maximum curvature. Then your eyes will definitely not look any smaller than they are.

Eyebrows round off the make-up

Close-up of female eyes in glasses
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Women who wear glasses have a great advantage: the glasses – especially eye-catching models – immediately draw the eye of the other person towards the eye area. But this also means that it is precisely this part of the face that is particularly in focus. A well-groomed overall appearance is essential. This also includes properly trimmed eyebrows!

With some eyebrow gel and an eyebrow pencil, you can ensure that the hair arches above your eyes provide just the right accents to highlight your eyes behind the lenses. It is also important that your eyes are not excessively made up. Because the glasses emphasize them enough.

Also, make sure that the shape of your brow matches the size and style of the glasses. If you wear glasses with a bigger and bolder frame, you should make your eyebrows narrower and more shapely. On the other hand, a full and defined eyebrow goes best with glasses with thinner frames.

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