Meghan & Harry are injured: “It Will Take Time To Overcome The Pain”

Meghan & Harry are injured: “It Will Take Time To Overcome The Pain”

How have Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry experienced the months since they withdrew from the royal family? That reveals the new edition of her biography “In Search of Freedom”.

Despite various problems within the royal family, especially after Diana’s and Charles’ divorce and Diana’s death, when really many believed the monarchy would not last, this revelation was far more damaging and could undoubtedly bring the monarchy down.

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Queen Elizabeth presides over the Commonwealth. This is rightly one of their greatest achievements, but the 54 Member States are multicultural and diverse. They had greeted Meghan as a breath of fresh air, as someone who represents diversity and inclusion in the establishment and as a person in the Windsor house with whom many young people could finally identify. Not only did royalty remain silent during the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, they also failed to actively condemn racism after the interview, which many in the UK and across the Commonwealth would have liked.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry make racism allegations public – William is “angry”

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The palace had allegations of bullying against Meghan investigated, but the far more damaging revelations of racism within the family, possibly involving a high-ranking member of the royal family, were largely ignored, underscoring the outdated and unfair double standards within the institution. The fact that Prince Harry had to surrender his military medals, while Prince Andrew was allowed to keep his countless honorary degrees and his lifestyle continued to be financed, which Harry and Meghan had been denied, also seemed blatant hypocrisy for many.

The Queen, Prince of Wales and Prince William are undoubtedly dedicated and devoted public servants. Prince Charles is an advocate of interfaith dialogue, and the entire family is involved in their numerous charitable projects on important issues such as mental health, the environment, general education and helping disadvantaged youth. But since it was not publicly known who considered Archie’s skin color to be problematic, the global image of the royal family is still tarnished. “It is as if they assumed that the problem would go away if you ignored it,” said a palace employee, who was shocked by the revelation, “but by now they must have learned that it is not the case.” Sources claim Prince William was “angry” been about private matters being discussed in public; it is unlikely that he will ever speak up on it again.

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Meghan’s friend accuses the royal family

A source close to the Sussexes said, “While the injuries are fresh, and it’s still complicated, one could approach by talking. The immediate reaction was not positive. It will take time to overcome the pain. Man must empathize with what the Sussexes have been through to get ahead. ” One of Meghan’s friends added, “Months have passed and little responsibility has been taken. How are things going to go under such circumstances?”

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