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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your College Essay Conclusion


A college essay is a very important part of your future. It is an important piece of the puzzle and it is one of the important components for your college application, next to your transcript, test scores, recommendations, etc.

The college essay provides you one and only, the unique, chance of speaking to speak to admissions in your voice. This is a window that you must use to the fullest if you want to showcase your personality and if you want to highlight what makes you different from the competition you are up against. 

Writing a good college essay takes some time, it needs specific things if you are about to wow the admission the way you intend to. Some think of these essays as something that can easily be done overnight and that it doesn’t take that much effort. What you need to know is that most people make some crucial mistakes that are costing them the admission to the college they wanted so much. 

For you to avoid those mistakes we have already compiled some lists on how to write the best essays, and today we are focusing on just one part of it and it is the conclusion. Most of you make a lot of mistakes here, and today we will tell you about them and how to avoid them. You can also check out 123homework.com for other info regarding this topic.

What to say/summary?!

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Essays are difficult especially when you write the most in the intro and the body. When you come to the end where you need to wrap things up you feel like there is nothing more but to summarize everything up. This is the pitfall that many fall into and where a bad conclusion ruins what was a good essay up to that point. Summarizing is bad and you should avoid doing this because if you feel that you need to explain everything up to the reader instead of letting them draw their conclusions you will lose the power and value of the entire essay. The readers are knowledgeable enough to draw their conclusions and you should let them do so. Write clear and direct and your reader will have no trouble understanding your story and statements. The lessons that are apparent and not forced upon a reader hold a lot more power than those you have to draw by yourself.

Stock phrases

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In most essays, writers find themselves in a block and they don’t know what to write next. This is when they start using phrases like “In conclusion”, “In summary”, “To end” and so on. You have to understand one thing. These phrases are bad and since everyone knows, including the readers, that this is the ending of your theme and topic it is redundant and not necessary to state the obvious. Good writers tend to avoid these phrases in a few manners. What is probably the easiest one you can use, which will surely take a lot less time to do, is to use those phrases in your conclusion if you can’t avoid them, and after it is done delete all of them and start to rewrite and word proof from there. As we already stated this is something that will take far less time to wrestle these stock phrases the entire conclusion, and still not do it the way it is supposed to do.


One of the most important things you should avoid in your college essay is to take quotes from other sources because when you do so you are taking the focus from you and what you have to say and can say. Quotes make us believe that if we use them in any form of writing it will make the essay be a lot classier and appear smarter. What they do is take the focus away from you and make the reader think about the one you quoted. Quotes in your essay are perfectly fine and OK to use but using them to begin or to end your essay makes the reader forget about you and think about how that quoted person is good and smart. 

The introduction should be revisited

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Writing a good introduction is very important. The reason is that a good intro can be a make or break for the rest of the essay. From there you will either draw the reader in your story or make them uninterested in what you are writing. This means that when writing the intro, you need to craft it well and think about it in the same manner. This should be the same for the conclusion. Whatever your essay is about, revisiting your intro brings coherence and harmony to your theme, text, and ideas. Thanks to that revisit your essay should be resolving a conflict or a situation you set up in the intro, and by doing so you created a clear parallel with the intro.

Understanding your theme

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Most make mistakes here. Not knowing or understanding what your college essay theme is about there is no way that you can make the essay good and that includes making a good conclusion. If you understand your theme very well, you can easily write one of the best essays with a very meaningful and excellent conclusion. This is important and you should think about the theme for a while until you are certain that you know what you are writing about it. Also, make sure that your conclusion doesn’t stray away from the theme too much because you could understand the theme very well, but when concluding it, you could go a different route which is a bad thing. 

Positive end

Depending on the topic you may be inclined to end the theme negatively. This is something you shouldn’t do. Ending and essay positively, no matter the topic and the theme, you are proving to the college admissions that you are a valuable asset to their community. You will also prove that you can pull your weight and contribute on campus. Ask yourself simple questions that are tied to your future in general and your future and position on campus and when you answer them you will easily figure out how to find the perfect ending to your essay. After you manage that you can easily set the ending tone of your essay as well. 

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