What Are The Most Common Mistakes When Using Tampons?

What Are The Most Common Mistakes When Using Tampons?

Once a month they are a loyal companion and bring us safely through the day: tampons. We know how to deal with them – or at least we think so. Because we actually make more mistakes when handling tampons than we would have thought possible.

With a “Do you have a tampon for me?”, Quite a few conversations in the ladies’ room have developed – after all, women stick together. But habit allows us to disregard important things. Therefore, you should definitely follow the advice below.

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

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This may sound superfluous to one or the other, but it should nonetheless be emphasized: Hygiene is the be-all and end-all when handling tampons. Hands should not only be washed after using the toilet, but also beforehand. Because who knows what you touched on the way to the bathroom. And let’s be honest: who wants to take unnecessary risks when it comes to bacteria and infections?

Don’t wear tampons for too long – especially not at night!

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Constantly changing tampons is annoying, no question about it. Even so, you shouldn’t be careless about this. A tampon should not be used for more than four to eight hours. If it stays in your vagina for a longer period of time, bacteria can form, which often lead to infections.

However, there is one thing that experts disagree with: should tampons be changed every time you go to the toilet? Some argue that it is far too wasteful. Tampons do not have to be replaced until they are completely soaked. Others think: the more often the more hygienic because when you go to the toilet, thread and tampon themselves can soak up urine. This also promotes the formation of bacteria.

However, there is one thing experts agree on: You must never wear tampons at night! The longer you use them, the greater the risk of developing toxic shock syndrome. Even if, according to gynecologists on the Internet, this is rather a rare consequence of incorrect tampon use – you should be particularly careful here.

Pay attention to the condition of the tampons!

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Who does not know it: In the morning it has to be quick and the tampons are quickly thrown into the stuffed handbag when leaving the house. Here you should make sure that the tampons are not damaged, which can easily happen between the key and the wallet. If you use a tampon, always make sure that the packaging is still undamaged. The cover protects the tampons from bacteria.

Only use tampons when you are on your days!

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Tampons are only intended for menstrual blood, not for cycle-related discharge. You should better watch it, because it provides information about your health. If your discharge bothers you, panty liners are a good and hygienic alternative. These are now so flexible that they fit every panty shape.

Change your tampon immediately after swimming!

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Thanks to the white helpers, you can go swimming with peace of mind, even when you have your days. But be careful: change immediately after bathing! There is chlorine in the water, which can contain pathogens that could get into your body through tampons. So you should be careful here.

Tampon alternatives:

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Have you been using tampons for years and just want to try something different? Then there are now some alternatives for you. In recent years, for example, menstrual cups have become more and more popular. These have the advantage that they can be used again and again after a thorough cleaning. You can also wear them for up to ten hours at a time. This makes them a good night tampon substitute.

Another option: period underwear. It impresses with its wearing comfort and sustainability. After you’ve washed them, you can wear comfortable briefs over and over again. They are now also available in stylish colors and shapes – it’s almost sad when you can only wear them once a month.

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