The Most Beautiful Accessories For Autumn And Winter

The Most Beautiful Accessories For Autumn And Winter

The winter months are just around the corner and the cold is our frosty constant companion. The only good thing about this weather: We have wonderful accessories that are guaranteed to keep you warm.

So it is time to equip yourself with cozy autumn and winter accessories and wrap up warm. We have put together the most beautiful trends for winter 2021 for you. Because even if saying goodbye to summer is not always easy, one thing is certain: Beanies, gloves, and the like will soon be our favorites in the cold temperatures.


red scarf
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The scarf is clearly the chameleon among winter accessories. Year after year it enchants and delights us again and again: Sometimes it comes with a fringe, sometimes narrow or wide, long or short, discreetly in gray and black or colored, fine-meshed or coarse-meshed.

And what can we say: We love every variant! For particularly cool days, it can be tied several times around the neck. Or very trendy, loosely around the neck.


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With cuddly gloves, you show that you have a very special instinct this winter. Different shapes such as mittens or finger cots and different upper materials such as leather, wool or cashmere always ensure warm hands. And the inside is also impressive: with soft fleece or cozy lambskin.

These winter gloves with an extra-long shaft are popular. Simply roll up a piece of your coat casually to showcase your winter accessory in a particularly beautiful way. For the very brave, we recommend gloves in orange, red or yellow to bring color to some gray winter days.


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Now there is something on your ears! The chic earmuffs not only look stylish, they even keep the ears warm without ruining the hairstyle. They also come in different colors and materials: soft pink and gray tones are popular and, of course, those with lambskin are particularly cozy. This winter accessory is also available wrapped in chunky knit or teddy fur.

Winter hat

winter hat
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In order not to keep a cool head this winter, beanies are all the rage. The coolest of winter hats not only keep you warm, they also look super stylish. It was once considered the it-peace among skaters and hip-hoppers. But the long-cut winter hats have now also conquered the high fashion world. And they enchant us too – with bobbles, fur fluffy, plain colors or with winter patterns.

The beanie also comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and fabrics: the classic in black, white, bright red, with pearls or sequins, made of cashmere, wool, or cotton. This winter trend is particularly good for long hair. One thing is certain: we will all get under the hood this winter, at least from a fashion perspective.


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The headband is considered the it-accessory of winter. The slightly ruffled section at the front even has something oriental about it and lets us mentally escape the cool and sometimes dreary winter days. But only in a dream, because with the warm it-piece, which preferably comes with pretty pearls, glitter elements and different colors such as pink, yellow, white, and red, you are the eye-catcher at every Christmas market. Not to forget the classics in black and gray, of course. Our heads and ears are warm and we are happy!

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