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What Are The Most Beautiful Pants Trends For 2021?


Denim jeans are arguably the most popular bottoms of all. But sometimes we just have enough of classic trousers. It’s good that many other stylish materials are waiting to be worn by us in 2021.

The year 2021 gives us the chance to try out some new and well-known trousers. From cozy trouser trends for the home office to elegant ideas for the office and rocky variations for everyday life – the New Year has a lot more to offer than the classics made of denim. The trendiest cuts and materials couldn’t be more different this season.

The vinyl pants

the vinyl pants
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Many of us still think that materials like lacquer or vinyl don’t look particularly stylish and rather cheap. In 2021, however, the fashion world will clearly prove the opposite. After many stars like Victoria Beckham or influencers like Xenia Adonts were seen wearing vinyl pants more and more often, the eye-catching trend piece has also arrived in our wardrobes. Since the trousers trend is already eye-catching enough, it is best to combine vinyl trousers with plain basics such as an elegant turtleneck sweater. With an oversize blazer or a trench coat, the look is definitely also suitable for the office. But you can’t go wrong with a mix of materials with a wool cape or a faux fur coat.


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The sweatpants owe their trend status in part to the corona pandemic. In 2021, we will not only style the most comfortable trouser trend in a casual look for at home – because sweatpants can do a lot more. Especially tone on tone in a matching set, the trouser trend makes all fashionista hearts beat faster. In combination with a long coat and beautiful, discreet jewelry, the look around the sweatpants is perfect. With a few simple tricks, the super comfortable trouser trend – whether made of cozy jerseys or elegant knitwear – is not only suitable for the couch.

Suit trousers

suit trousers
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Those who like things a bit fancier this year can hardly ignore the beautiful dress pants for women in the shop windows and online stores. And everyone who is now afraid of looking bourgeois – with the right styling, the staid image of the classic trousers is quickly forgotten. In 2021, suit trousers will be particularly popular in wide cuts and beautiful bright colors or beige and brown tones. The trouser trend can be ideally combined with high pumps or boots with heels, which ensure a breathtakingly elegant look. The pants also look great when knitted into high boots. Paired with a casual monochrome T-shirt, you can also style the outfit in a cooler direction. If you prefer shorts in warmer temperatures, the suit trousers in the Bermuda variant are also very trendy in 2021.

Leggings with a slit 

Leggings with a slit 
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After a year in which tight pants weren’t very trendy, leggings are now celebrating their big comeback. Especially leggings with a slight flare effect and slits on the front or on the side are currently particularly popular with us. The slits make the simple trousers a trend item for this year. The slit also makes your legs look longer, which is why you can combine the trouser trend with flat shoes such as sneakers or Bermudas. With its sophisticated style, the new interpretation of the leggings is just as suitable for a fine dinner as it is for a carefree meeting with friends. The fashion trend can be wonderfully combined with oversize shirts or blazers.