What Are The 4 Most Beautiful Short Haircuts For Autumn?

What Are The 4 Most Beautiful Short Haircuts For Autumn?

Your hair is boring and you want to try something new? Do you love your short hair but could use a fresh cut? In both cases, we have the latest short hair trends for autumn with which you are guaranteed to attract attention.

Naughty bob

naughty bob
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This summer, whether long or short, was mainly characterized by smooth hairstyles and clinging strands. In autumn it looks a lot more practical with the tousled bob in a tousled look! For more movement in the hair, you can twist in simple waves with the straightening iron or curling iron. Tip: With a little dry shampoo instead of hairspray, you can get a perfect short hair look with not-so-perfect, perfect waves.

Pixie cut

pixie cut
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No matter if Madonna, Rihanna or Victoria Beckham. We have already seen and loved the pixie cut on everyone! This autumn, too, the cheeky short haircut is indispensable. What goes better with the fluffy knitted sweater than a nice pixie cut? In order to give the tried and tested a little variety, the classic boy cut is kept shorter on the sides and longer on the neck and top hair. Confident and trendy!

Garçon cut

Garçon cut
img source: stylebook.de

Would you like some inspiration? The Garçon look, also known as the boy look, is characterized by extremely short sides and a short top of the head. With a fingertip of styling gel in the tips, women with this cut look sexy and cheeky at the same time. Sexy and naughty is nothing for your everyday life? No problem! The Garçon cut can be easily transformed into a good business look with a straightening iron or hairdryer.

Pony blunt bob

pony blunt bob
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Are you ready for double the style? Then we have just the thing for you: the blunt bob with bangs. Above all smooth, this trend looks particularly feminine and elegant. For a better grip and more volume, our tip: Texture Spray. This means that your pony blunt bob will last longer and is certainly anything but boring.

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