What Are The Best Nail Polish Trends For 2021?

What Are The Best Nail Polish Trends For 2021?

Between Fashion Week and style forecasts, we quickly lose our attention to detail. But nail styling also follows certain trends – and they will surprise us with unusual designs in 2021. In this article, you will find out which colors and patterns you should definitely try out this year.

Who doesn’t feel better with manicured nails? In-home office times may seem unnecessary to us at first glance, but it makes a decisive contribution to our well-being. Our nails don’t even have to be beautifully styled for this – classic looks also impress with their timeless elegance. But if you dare to go for more daring looks, you will be amazed by the nail trends for 2021.

Pink Please

pink nails
img source: theglossychic.com

We’ve seen it on a lot of fashion shows. Whether Fendi, Versace, or Genny, all of them have adopted pink in their color scheme. From neon to bubblegum pink, here you can try your hand at pleasure – and also integrate the whole thing into your make-up. 

Especially when it comes to spring, these colors are real eye-catchers. Combined with light clothes and the right jewelry, you can show real style awareness with pink nails.

Go glitter

glitter nails
img source: cdn-cf.ipsy.com

If glitter nails only remind you of Christmas or shrill carnival parties, then you should urgently learn better! In 2021 we will wear glitter every day because it will finally be suitable for everyday use. And to be honest: doesn’t glitter make everything a little better?

With glitter nails, you can also show your fashion awareness in online conferences and easily upgrade casual outfits. You have different options when applying: No matter whether powder, particles or glitter lacquer – even beginners can do this well.

Vitamin Sea

blue sea nails
img source: cdn.accentuate.io

How much we would all like to lie back at the booth and drink a cocktail while the waves crash. With nails in a stylish sea look, we can at least dream of distant holiday worlds. 

And it’s very easy: Apply clear lacquer as a base and use a template to spread the blue nail polish on the tip of the nail. You can easily cut out the template yourself – and you have created an extraordinary and individual look.

Nude Now

nude nails
img source: sourcebeauty.b-cdn.net

Since Meghan Markle at the latest, nails in nude tones have been a real classic. They go with everything, look timeless and elegant. Here you can try out the colors to find your personal favorites. 

Natural look

natural nails
img source: 64.media.tumblr.com

You can never go wrong with a natural look! Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can do something nice for yourself. And there is another advantage: If you hold back on the nail color, you can wear even more colorful clothes. After all, the plain nails go well with all looks. 

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