How to Style New Hair Trend?-Tips And Tricks

How to Style New Hair Trend?-Tips And Tricks

This winter’s hair trend is called Deep Waves. You can also easily conjure up these curls yourself and add variety to your look and hairstyles.

The hairstyle trend last year was the beach waves – at least for women with long hair. Beach waves are light, soft curls that look like they’ve just been shaped on the beach by the wind, sun, and saltwater. The trend this winter looks a bit different: Deep waves are in and influencers are moving forward in a wonderfully curled way. Fortunately, it’s also super easy to conjure up this look yourself.

Deep waves versus beach waves

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A prerequisite for the soft curls of the Beach Waves look is medium to long hair so that the curls can flow nicely. And the Deep Waves are actually nothing more than a further development of these Beach Waves. The waves here, however, are shorter, more pronounced, and more structured. They lie and flow much more orderly than the sometimes wild beach waves. And you can easily conjure it up yourself.

Deep waves overnight

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Making the Deep Waves yourself works just like the Beach Waves. The hair is braided to create flowing curls. In order to ensure the correct hold of these curls, the hair must be impregnated beforehand. So after washing it is first treated with heat protection and texture spray. Then the mane is allowed to dry out a bit.

With the Beach Waves look, the hair is divided into two broad braids at the middle part, for the typical Deep Waves there are considerably more, namely sections about five centimeters wide. These are then more or less intertwined depending on taste, whether directly at the hairline or a little deeper remains a matter of taste. The hair then adapts to the waves overnight – impatient people can also use a blow dryer, but this is a strain on the hair.

Now the braids just have to be opened and untied very carefully. If you want, you can then fix the waves with a little hairspray for a longer hold.

Deep waves with the styler

Technical help is also available for fast and very intense deep waves. In the meantime, Deep Waves stylers are available that basically work like the well-known curling iron, but their special design creates the typical wave shape. Here, too, the freshly washed hair is impregnated with heat protection and texture spray. Then all you have to do is divide the dried mane into the desired strands and run it through the styler.

With the styler, you can work on the structure of the waves in a very controlled and defined manner. The longer you shape the hair with it, the more intense the results. Afterward, if desired, it can be re-fixed with hairspray – depending on the hair type, the deep waves should last for at least one day.

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