What You Can Do With Orange Peel? Unusual Home Remedy

What You Can Do With Orange Peel? Unusual Home Remedy

Oranges are indispensable for a healthy dietNot only are they great-tasting, but they also provide tons of vitamins. Most fruit fans, however, usually pay little attention to the orange peel. It often just ends up in the trash can. There are many ways to use the orange peel sensibly.

You should consider this before using orange peel. Before you decide to use orange peel, you should start looking for organic products. Most other oranges are chemically treated and the chemicals primarily settle on the peel. This is of course particularly important if the bowls are used in the kitchen or on the skin, but you are also otherwise on the safe side. This is how you can use orange peel:

The perfect remedy for removing limescale

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You don’t necessarily have to use aggressive cleaning agents to remove ugly limescale stains from your fittings in the bathroom or kitchen. A couple of fresh orange peels will do the same because they contain citric acid, an effective remedy for limescale. To clean your faucets, simply rub them with the inside of the orange peel. Then you let the citric acid take effect briefly and rinse off with clear water. Then the fittings only have to be dried with a soft towel to shine in new splendor.

Remove unpleasant smells in the oven

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Orange peels also have plenty of essential oils, the pleasant scent of which can be used to remove annoying odors from the oven. To do this, the bowls are heated in the oven at a maximum of 120 degrees. This allows the essential oils to evaporate without burning the orange peel. After about 20 minutes you can open the oven door so that the orange scent also fills your kitchen.

Orange peel for blemishes

orange mask
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The essential oils can not only help with annoying odors, but also with pimples and age spots. To do this, rub the affected areas twice a day with the white side of the untreated orange peel. A little patience is required for the effect to take hold. But if you don’t feel any improvement after about two weeks, you should talk to your dermatologist about alternatives. The same applies if the skin turns red or itchy immediately after the treatment. Then an allergic reaction is to be feared.

Orange peel for gourmets 

Fresh and dried orange peel from untreated oranges can be used in many ways and are also used in the kitchen. The orange zest gives many dishes, for example, sauces, a refined, bitter-fruity aftertaste. The bowls are also perfect as a decoration for cocktails  but there are many more possible uses. 

Delicious orange tea

orange tea
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For example, you can use dried orange peel to prepare an orange tea that is as tasty as it is pleasantly scented by simply pouring boiling water over it and letting it steep for ten minutes. For a pot of tea, you need roughly the zest of an orange. Since dried orange peel lasts a very long time, it is worth keeping them in a glass so that you always have the ingredients for a nice tea in the house. By the way, you can also flavor a black tea perfectly with a little dried orange peel.

Orange peel in sugar

orange peel in sugar
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The peels of a fresh orange can be wonderfully used to make an aromatic sugar that you can use perfectly as a baking ingredient. To do this, simply rub the orange part of the peel into a container. The white inner edge is not used. This works best if you rub the peel first and then peel the orange. The grated orange powder is now mixed with the sugar. The essential oils give the sugar you keep in a sealed jar a great aroma in just a few days.

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