Which Patterns Are Trendy In Autumn – Outfit Fashion Guide

Which Patterns Are Trendy In Autumn – Outfit Fashion Guide

Every year there are new patterns that decorate our wardrobe in autumn. We’ll show you which prints are particularly popular now and how you can style them.

The trend prints for the coming season are well-known and can be completely redesigned. Look forward to animal prints, floral designs, and new checked combinations.

However, patterns are often not that easy to combine with other prints, fabrics, and colors. There are a few key points to look out for.

With these instructions, you will learn to combine the different patterns correctly and even to mix them – if you dare.

We can look forward to these three patterns in autumn:


zebra print
img source: i.pinimg.com

Animal prints actually have a comeback every year – this fall it’s the zebra pattern. The curved black stripes create a graphic look.

Since zebra print is mostly black and white, it’s best to combine it with these two colors. But the pattern also comes into its own in combination with beige tones.

Zebra print actually goes well with almost every item of clothing – whether it be a coat, skirt, or trousers. But make sure that you don’t wear more than two zebra-look pieces. So you don’t overload your outfit but set fashionable accents.


check pattern
img source: twinset.com

Checks should not be missing from the trend patterns in autumn. The arranged squares usher in the cold seasons every year. This year, however, not only tops with a checked pattern will be worn. Skirts, coats, and tank tops are also checked this season.

Particularly brave fashion enthusiasts can also try out different plaid patterns. Instead of just wearing the same check pattern, pieces in different prints can be combined. Even individual pieces like a skirt this season often contain more than just a plaid print.

With the checked mix, however, make sure that the patterns differ in color and size, but still match. A mix of patterns can quickly look too much.


flower print
img source: cdn.tom-tailor.com

This autumn we prefer to wear wild garden flowers on our clothes. The playful pattern combines different colors and goes best with blouses, dresses, or skirts.

The flower print is exactly the right pattern for everyone who likes to wear playful and romantic outfits. The pattern looks classically beautiful, especially on fine fabrics such as silk. You can combine the floral print with inconspicuous colors such as black or beige tones and natural fabrics.

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