Why Your Cell Phone Uses More Battery In Winter?

Why Your Cell Phone Uses More Battery In Winter?

The cell phone uses up its battery faster in the cold. We’ll show you why this is and what you should pay attention to.

In the cold winter air, we particularly look forward to a warm retreat. Whether we go to a restaurant with friends, to a bar, or to the spa – everywhere we currently need our cell phone to prove our health status.

A cell phone without a battery can mess up the whole day’s planning – we can’t go to a concert, birthday, or club. We rely heavily on this technology – but our cell phones often fail us, especially in winter.

High battery consumption in winter

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The phenomenon is well known: the cell phone is fully charged, but as soon as you leave the house, it discharges unusually quickly or the cell phone simply goes out.

The reason for this is the technology in the cell phone: As soon as the cell phone is exposed to cold, the electrochemical processes in the cell phone slow down. The electrolyte liquid becomes more viscous and the internal resistance of the battery increases. The cell phone uses more battery for the same functions.

Cell phone turns off

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Even without an empty battery, the mobile phone can switch itself off suddenly. This is where the manufacturer’s emergency shutdown comes into play: Before the cold harms the mobile phone, it is switched off.

While the sudden phone shutdown is annoying, it’s a good thing. You can switch it on again after 30 to 60 minutes without hesitation and the battery will remain undamaged. But you should make sure that it has reached normal temperature by then.

To protect it from the cold outside, you can put the cell phone in the inside pocket of your jacket and keep it warm with your body heat.

The display does not work

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Cell phones are sensitive to the cold: they use more battery or they just go off. The touchscreen also reacts sluggishly – but it’s not because of the cold fingers.

Moving your fingers on the touchscreen is always a cramp in winter. On the one hand, it is cold and on the other hand, the cell phone reacts unusually badly to the touch. Even the best gloves are of no use.

The “capacitive touchscreens” have innumerable detectors under the screen. They can store electrical charges. Control electronics are located behind the detectors and detect every change in the charge.

By placing our finger on the display, the electrical particles in our skin combine with the electrical field of the detectors. The charge capacity of the detector changes and the control electronics can determine that our finger is there. It is irrelevant how warm or cold our fingers are.

However, it does matter whether we wear gloves or not. A touchscreen cannot be operated with ordinary gloves. There is too big a barrier between the electrical particles in our skin and the detectors. Touchscreen gloves are already being sold for this problem.

But the temperature of the cell phone also plays a role. Here, too, the cold slows down the electrochemical processes and the cell phone reacts more slowly to contact than at mild temperatures. In order to protect the cell phone and to be able to use it better, it should be kept as warm as possible. A well-padded jacket is a sensible investment for you and your cell phone.

Tips for a longer battery life

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The technology in our cell phones does not take the cold well. To keep your cell phone warm, it helps to carry the cell phone in a warm jacket pocket. The inner jacket pockets are ideal because you can use your own body heat to warm your cell phone there. Cell phone cases can also protect the device from the cold. Touchscreen gloves help to prevent your hands from freezing to death and the display to work better.

In general, you should leave your cell phone in your warm jacket pocket as often as possible. Calls, music, and podcasts can be used in a technology-friendly manner with headphones.

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