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What Can Pistachio Milk Do?

by Sarah Smith
Pistachio milk

Enough of soy, oat milk, and almond milk. There is now a new star in the milk alternative heaven: pistachio milk. Healthier and more environmentally friendly – this is the new trend milk from the USA.

Pistachio milk: that’s why it’s so healthy

pistachio milk

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The pistachio is full of good nutrients and has therefore long been one of the most popular delicacies in the entire Orient. The stone fruit can do a lot for our health and well-being. Pistachios strengthen our bones and teeth with their high calcium and phosphorus content. In addition, almost half of the pistachio consists of healthy fats and also contains a large amount of fiber, which together can lower our cholesterol levels. The fiber also stimulates our digestion at the same time. Due to the high proportion of iron in the pistachio, the stone fruit is also perfect for vegetarians and vegans to compensate for any deficiency and to save us all from exhaustion. Pistachios are also very good vitamin bombs – because they contain vitamins E, A, and B. According to geo.de, the mix of different types of vitamin B and a lot of potassium in pistachios also ensure that the pulse stays calmer in stressful situations.

Pistachio milk: tasty and environmentally friendly?

pistachio milk

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But not only the good ingredients of the pistachio milk convince us. The pistachio’s CO2 balance is by no means perfect, but compared to other plant-based milk and especially classic cow’s milk, the pistachio does well. According to eatsmart.de, the pistachio has an emission value of fewer than 130 grams per 100 grams, as does almond milk, for example, but requires 75% less water when grown than the almond. In addition, in some areas pistachio trees are also used as protection against erosion and, in contrast to soy, which is often grown as a monoculture, contribute to the maintenance of the landscape in barren areas. How much more environmentally friendly pistachio milk really is currently being hotly debated.

Pistachio milk: this is how you make it yourself

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Since the pistachio milk is currently not available in stores, we have no choice but to put ourselves in the kitchen.


1 liter of water

100 g pistachio nuts

2 to 4 dates or maple syrup (depending on how sweet you want your milk to be)

a pinch of salt

optionally a pinch of vanilla


First, soak the pistachios for at least four hours (ideally overnight).

Then pour off the water, rinse the pistachios and let them dry a little.

Now puree the liter of water, pistachios, salt, and optionally dates or another sweetener as well as the vanilla together. No pieces of pistachio should be recognizable.

Finally, brush the milk through a very fine sieve, a nut milk bag, or a fine cotton cloth.

The finished pistachio milk will keep in a clean glass bottle in the refrigerator for between three and five days.

The homemade pistachio milk is great for a delicious cappuccino or café latte. Because of its high-fat content, the milk alternative foams better than other plant-based milk types.

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