Top 8 Best Places To Visit In Luxembourg In One Day – Luxembourg Landmarks

Top 8 Best Places To Visit In Luxembourg In One Day – Luxembourg Landmarks

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe, surrounded by Belgium, Germany, and France. It’s a part of the political unit known as Benelux, which consists of Belgium, the Netherlands, and of course, Luxembourg. It’s not a territory union, but it’s the more intergovernmental thing for economic and cultural purposes. All the countries in this union are independent, and the whole thing is pretty formal. We all know Belgium and Netherlands, but Luxembourg is still the under-the-radar place to the tourists, first because of its size, and then because of the neighbors, who take all the credit for the beauties in the area. 

Luxembourg is really small, and only about 600,000 people live there, but do you know that they have some of the best tourist locations and small towns that are worth giving them a try. It’s so interesting, and yet so small, but you will always want to come back there, visiting the countryside, traveling by train, enjoying the sight, and visiting the popular castles. And France, Belgium, and the Netherlands are that close, you can even visit them for daily excursions, or plan a longer trip with all these regions covered.

The capital of Luxembourg is named Luxembourg City, and it’s a picturesque place which is worth visiting, especially the old part. 

Before you travel anywhere, check if some of the places still work due to the COVID-19 issues. Check which documents do you need to travel to Luxembourg, and prepare your passport and vaccine certificate first. Once you are ready, book your stay and start exploring this breathtaking country in the heart of Europe, by visiting some of these locations:

The old part of Luxembourg City

This is a great start point since it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s known as the Old Quarter, or the locals usually refer to it as “d’Stad”. This part is under UNESCO‘s protection since 1994, especially because of the beautiful and preserved fortresses. Surely, the original one was dismantled, but the leftovers and renewed fortification are still authentic, charming, and spectacular. There are a lot of bridges, which are really recognizable things about this city. We highly suggest you use a map at this point because the streets can be pretty complicated for the people who visit this place for the first time in their life. Also, use some of the public transport solutions, so you can feel the spirit of the city.


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This is another beautiful town worth visiting. It’s near the border with Germany. It’s one of the most interesting places for hiking, but also enjoying the authentic experience since the architecture and streets are out of this world. There are important museums, churches, and parks to spend your afternoon there. While you are here, and if you love museums, we suggest visiting the Benedictine Abbey and the place where the town’s founder St. Willebrord rests in peace. It’s a beautiful medieval museum you will surely enjoy, as you learn more about the country’s history.

The National Museum of History and Art

the national museum of history and arts luxembourg
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It’s based in Luxembourg City, and you will recognize it by the specific architecture which combines the historic and modern style. You can find plenty of arts, old furniture, tools, coins, and also very old documents important for the country’s development. Also, you can enjoy contemporary art, and you will really have a great time there since there are no crowds like in commercial museums in other popular cities.


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This is another beautiful town over the hills by the River Our, also near the German border. The castles are charming, and they witness the life of the royals who built them between the 11th and 14th centuries. Since then, these buildings were restored, so the authentic looks are kept forever. That’s one of the reasons why this place is great for those who want to take landscape photos – because what’s better than a castle in the middle of the mountains and the bluest sky above?

Grand Ducal Palace

grand ducal palace

This is a beautiful palace which is also a royal residence too. The Duke still lives there, but it’s also an attraction for tourists. The furniture and the interior are the most beautiful things you need to see here. The tours are organized by Luxembourg City authorities and their tourist office, so if you want tickets, now you know how to get them. 

The Walls of the Corniche

the walls of the corniche
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Most of the interesting locations in this country are strictly based in the capital, and so are these extremely beautiful walls. The sight is spectacular, and this part is also known as “the most beautiful balcony in Europe” because the walls look like a balcony over the old city. It’s a historical site that is renewed, so the visitors can know how the city looked back in the past, especially in the 14th and 17th centuries.


A tiny and charming place that is also one of the most visited locations, because of the castle that was initially a Roman camp. There is no specific decor, but you can climb the levels and explore the interior, but also the environment.


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If you are more into natural landscapes, we suggest you visit the region that people also refer to as Little Switzerland. Mullerthal is green and rocky, and no matter how hard we try to describe it to you, we can never do that as good as the photos and the experience you will have there. Also, there are so many restaurants you can visit to try local food and get inspired by the forests and fields around.

Discovering new places is the best thing you can do. Avoid the commercial destinations, so you can explore even better places. Luxembourg landmarks are something you need to consider as an option for your next trip. As we said, you only need to be informed about the current COVID-19 conditions, because things are changing every day, and you don’t want to miss something. 

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