How Does Poinsettia Stay Beautiful For A Long Time?

How Does Poinsettia Stay Beautiful For A Long Time?

Bright red and beautiful: the poinsettia in the Advent season has long been a tradition. So that it hopefully lasts forever, you should consider a few things when it comes to caring.

The poinsettia bears his name for a good reason: the Latin “pulcherrima” means “the most beautiful”. What is meant is a plant with strong red leaves, which unfolds its full splendor especially in the dark season.

Since the poinsettia blooms most vigorously at Christmas time, it has become a tradition to give the plant, which originated in Mexico, as a small gift for the holidays.

By the way: According to an Aztec legend, the drops of blood from a goddess who died of a broken heart give the poinsettia its strong red color. In the meantime, however, you can also get the plant grown in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

The location is crucial

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The poinsettia prefers it to be bright, but it should not be exposed to the full sun without protection. It is also important that he does not get any drafts.

Unfortunately, that is exactly a problem in sales. If the poinsettias are outside or directly at the entrance in the supermarket or hardware store, the leaves can fall off after a few days. Then you better look elsewhere, where the special features of the poinsettia are taken into account.

The same applies to transport: It is best to have the poinsettia wrapped up if you are going to be out for a longer period of time.

Caring for poinsettia properly

You should take proper care of the poinsettia so that it doesn’t die again after the holidays. You should heed the following tips:

As already written: Poinsettias are exotic and sensitive to the cold. So make sure that the plant is nice and warm and not in a draft.

In addition, they do not like a humid climate. So don’t put them in the kitchen or bathroom.

The poinsettia needs some fertilizer once a week.

It is only poured when the earth is dry. Then just enough to prevent waterlogging

The poinsettia is slightly poisonous


The latex from the poinsettia is slightly poisonous and can irritate the skin. Therefore, you should make sure that children and pets do not touch him or even eat him. If you want to repot it, it’s better to wear gloves so that it doesn’t cause you allergic reactions or skin irritation.

So the leaves turn red again

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If your poinsettia has survived the holidays, it will probably bring you joy for a long time if you take good care of it.

Don’t worry if it loses its leaves in spring. This is his normal growth cycle. Leaves grow back, but they are green. They turn red when the poinsettia is no longer permanently exposed to light from autumn onwards. A maximum of 12 hours is ok, then it should be darkened.

If winter is approaching, you can shorten the time and cover it after just 10 hours. It’s best to put it in a dark room or put a cardboard box over it. Just in time for Advent, it should then bloom again in its most beautiful color.

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