How To Prepare For Quarantine?- Tips For Isolation

How To Prepare For Quarantine?- Tips For Isolation

The corona pandemic is unfortunately not over yet, the number of infections is currently increasing again! It is all the more important to be well prepared. We’ll tell you here how you can survive a quarantine as comfortably as possible.

It will soon be two years since the first corona infection.The pandemic continues to keep society busy. Despite vaccinations, there is still a risk of infecting yourself or of being in direct contact with an infected person. But what happens when it actually comes to that? The fact is that in this case you should isolate yourself in your own four walls as soon as possible . We’ll tell you here how you can best prepare for an impending quarantine and what can help to pass the time.

Let’s not kid ourselves: Compared to Neil Armstrong (left) and his colleagues, we are doing much better in today’s quarantine. In 1969 they came back from the very first trip to the moon. Fearing that they might have brought an unknown alien disease, they were locked up for three weeks . That is why they only saw US President Richard Nixon (front) through the window.

Color in the house works wonders

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Before you lapse into sadness, treat yourself to some color in your life: Pay attention to a few splashes of color in your facility even before a quarantine. Or, in an emergency, order a fresh bouquet on the Internet. You will see: even a little color and decoration for your home works wonders on your psyche!

In general, delivery services in quarantine are the savior in an emergency! Whether food or new clothes: almost everything can be ordered online these days. In order to avoid direct contact, it is best to tell the postman via your customer account or a note on the front door where he can leave your goods.

A good supply of food

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Preparation is everything. This is especially true for food. Still, don’t start hoarding pasta! Instead, talk to friends, relatives or neighbors: Who can shop for whom in an emergency? You can then simply hang the filled bag on the front door, for example, as here.

Still, it is advisable to have at least some emergency supplies at home. When you next go shopping, simply take an extra frozen pizza with you or freeze leftover meat or a loaf of bread in the freezer.

Hobby cooks have known it for a long time: at best, you should always have pasta, rice or flour in the house. If stored correctly, these products often last for several years. Likewise, two or three tinned food and one or two bags of long-life milk as an emergency reserve are certainly not wrong.

You don’t have to go without fresh products during a quarantine either: you can grow most kitchen herbs yourself at home before the quarantine. And for fruit and vegetables, you can take out a vegetable crate subscription at the farm near you.

Quarantine party via Zoom

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Of course, you shouldn’t get excessively drunk during the quarantine. One or the other glass of wine can still free you from many a depression. Therefore, it is best to fill up your closet with your favorite alcoholic beverages today. The quarantine or, alternatively, an after-corona party will definitely come.

With parties, of course, it’s such a thing: Large crowds are still not a good idea, but an absolute no-go, especially during an imposed quarantine. Instead, celebrate your birthday via Zoom, Skype and Co. All you need is a laptop, a camera and a microphone. The rest will take care of itself.

Your technical equipment at home should be in good condition anyway: Since you are not allowed to go into the office during a quarantine, you have to do your work from home. In your own interest, you should buy a comfortable office chair and, ideally, a height-adjustable desk.

Have medication in the house

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Exercise is known to be good for your health. If you feel fit enough, you should not stop doing this, even during a quarantine. It is best to get a yoga mat, weights or fitness bands in advance.

If you can invest a larger sum, you should consider getting an exercise bike or a treadmill. If not, you can find plenty of home weight training guides on the internet .

If you are suspected of having a possible corona infection, the health department will probably ask you to take your body temperature regularly. So in case of emergency you should have a thermometer as well as pain and fever-reducing medication in the house.

A garden is worth gold

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It is common that, of all people, the smallest and weakest of our society suffer most from an imposed quarantine: The children are not allowed to go to the playground and certainly not to meet friends. In order to make it as comfortable as possible for your offspring, you should make some preparations.

Almost since the beginning of the pandemic, children and parents have suffered from the recurring conditions of homeschooling. In order to make it at least a little easier for the school-age children, you should provide an adequate job. Exactly what this looks like depends on the age and needs of your children. Some prefer to be in peace, others prefer to interact with you as a parent or sibling.

Having your own garden is worth gold – especially in times of quarantine! With a climbing frame, a swing or a large meadow, it offers enough space for contactless romp. If you only have a balcony , consider buying a small sandpit. Your little ones will be happy!

Creative lesson for the kids

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“Mom, I’m bored!” – You will probably hear this sentence more often than usual during the quarantine. In response, it is best to keep a puzzle or game in hand. This allows you and your little ones to spend a lot of time together. A joint creative lesson with painting or handicrafts also fulfills this purpose.

When was the last time you played? If that was a long time ago, then use the quarantine for it! Regardless of whether you prefer classics like “Risk” or “Monopoly” or modern board games: your family will have a lot of fun together. You can even play some games like ” City, Country, River ” via video chat.

Patience is a virtue, they say. This is especially true for streaming: Don’t just “binge” your new favorite series all at once! As soon as you have to be in quarantine, you will be happy about one or the other new episode.

But you can not only find films and series in the endless expanse of the Internet. The social environment can also be expanded thanks to dating portals such as Tinder. As a single, you should definitely consider looking for a partner via smartphone or computer. Unfortunately, only the first date has to wait until after your quarantine.

Yes, we know: toilet paper is considered “white gold”, especially at the beginning of the pandemic. However, you don’t have to hoard a year’s supply at home. Two packs should be enough for the 14-day quarantine. Incidentally, the same applies to shampoo, toothpaste or feminine hygiene products.

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