What Are The Reasons Why We Should Love Autumn?

What Are The Reasons Why We Should Love Autumn?

Often, autumn is wrongly associated with bad weather and a bad mood. Okay, it gets windier and dark earlier, but life is always what you make of it, right? We deliver ten good reasons to love autumn! Because it has many great properties that may only be seen at a second glance…

Sometimes autumn has a bit of a hard time (wrongly!) – it comes right after summer and therefore all lovers of high temperatures, sunbathing and bathing are not in the mood for it. But what many forget: autumn not only means restrictions but also offers many opportunities that are simply more fun when it gets more uncomfortable outside. Here are at least ten good reasons to give autumn a chance.

Stay in bed without a guilty conscience

women in bed
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Summer is a very restless time, constant sunshine, high temperatures and long days pull us out to the cafes, bathing lakes, and ice cream parlors in the area. That was all well and good, but slowly and surely we are looking forward to the quiet of autumn again. When it gets more uncomfortable outside, it gets all the more comfortable inside and rainy Sundays can be spent wonderfully without a guilty conscience within your own four walls – including time to cuddle.

Read more again

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The autumn coziness goes hand in hand with the fact that we have more time to read again. Finally, it is time to look at all the unread treasures on the bedside table and just plunge into another world for hours with a cup of tea. When was the last time you did this?

Take on home improvement projects

home improvement projects
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If you spend more time at home again, you have a good reason to make your own home really cozy again and tackle long-forgotten projects. We’re talking about sorting out the wardrobe, painting the wall or finally swapping the bare lightbulb for a lamp. You will see: these small but subtle changes will make a difference and make your home even more comfortable!

Invite friends home

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Once it has been spruced up, your own home can be presented directly to friends and acquaintances. Common activities such as cooking, games, or film evenings at home have been forgotten over the summer and are now all the more delighted to be expected back.

Cooking pumpkin recipes

pumpkin soup
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Just in time for autumn, various types of pumpkin are returned to the supermarkets and thus on our plates. Regardless of whether it’s pumpkin soup or oven squash – the sweet, tart taste of the vegetables creates a real autumn mood. Pumpkin can also be prepared sweet: slowly but surely, we too have come to know and love the American pumpkin pie or the pumpkin spice latte!

It’s movie time again

watching movie
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Another activity that is just more fun when it gets colder outside and dark earlier: Go to the cinema! What could be better than enjoying the great cinema offerings in autumn with a loved one next to you and a large bag of popcorn in front of you?

More snacking again

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In line with the keyword popcorn: Autumn also means that you can eat more chocolate, cake, and co without a guilty conscience. The one or the other kilo can be wonderfully hidden under knitted sweaters and after all, we need a reason for New Year’s resolutions, right?

Combine beautiful outfits

fall outfits
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Fashion lovers will understand this point: After the top priority in summer was to be as airy and lightly dressed as possible, in autumn you can really enjoy combining outfits again. Hardly any other season is so stylish with checked patterns, ankle boots, and dark lipstick!

Take long walks

autumn walk
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Autumn is wrongly associated with bad weather all the time! Often the sun cannot be taken away and comes out again with the last of its strength to let all the colorful leaves shine out there. Now it’s time to dress warmly and take a walk in autumn to top up your vitamin D stores.


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It may not be for everyone, but nobody can deny that October 31st always has its own atmosphere. Regardless of which side you are on – whether you ring the doorbell as a little witch or vampire or, as probably most of us do, open the door – it is a highlight for young and old. And if the spectacle outside is too much for you, you can also use the day as an opportunity to watch a horror film with your loved one again. Shuddering together is guaranteed to connect!

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