Cleanly Remove Burnt-In Food From The Hotplate

Cleanly Remove Burnt-In Food From The Hotplate

Keeping hotplates and hobs clean can be annoying. Burned-in and overcooked food are often stubborn, but all you want is a nice kitchen …

A brief moment of inattentiveness while cooking and it’s done: burnt-in food has stuck to the hob. With a few home remedies and a little patience, you can clean the stovetop and remove the burnt-on crusts. Older hotplates can be scrubbed a little more vigorously, while ceramic hobs need gentler treatment.

Cleaning the stovetop: older models

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It is of course best to clean your stovetop immediately after cooking – of course only when it has cooled down. If the dirt is still fresh, it can be easily removed with a little washing-up liquid and a sponge. However, this does not apply to burned-in products.

If the food that has boiled over has burned onto your hob, you can spray oven cleaner on it and leave it on for a few hours – preferably overnight. You may have to repeat the procedure a few times, scrubbing vigorously in between, depending on how badly the dirt is burned in. Fortunately, older stovetops can withstand this. Instead of oven cleaner, you can also put moistened washing powder on the dirt, let it soak and then clean the stovetop. Other home remedies are rags dipped in vinegar essence, which you place on the dirt, a vinegar-baking powder mixture, or lemon juice concentrate, which you massage in with a cloth and leave to soak in.

Clean ceramic and induction hobs

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In order to avoid stubborn dirt and encrustations in the first place, the ceramic hob should be cleaned of residues immediately. To do this, it is usually sufficient to wipe the surface with a damp cloth after cooking and then dry it with a cloth. If that’s not enough, you can add a little washing-up liquid. You should definitely put this on the cloth and not directly on the ceramic hob. Before you clean the cooking surface, it should be completely cooled down.

In between, the ceramic hob should be cleaned more thoroughly. You can use a special cleaner for glass-ceramic hobs for this, or you can use a glass cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner. If the residues are more stubborn, a special ceramic hob scraper can help, with which you can scrape off burnt off. Under no circumstances should you clean the ceramic hob with abrasive agents, this leads to scratches on the surface, it not only looks bad, but the ceramic hob is also then even more difficult to keep clean. Baking powder has also proven itself as a home remedy for cleaning the ceramic hob:

Simply apply the powder to the incrustations with a little water, let it work for a moment, and wipe everything off with a damp cloth. Then dry the area well and your stovetop will look like new.

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