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What Happens If You Never Remove Your Makeup?


No matter what and how much make-up you wear, thorough cleansing before going to bed is a must. If not, you are putting unnecessary and great stress on your skin.

This has certainly already happened to you: You had a long, stressful day or the party was great and the night all the longer. That’s why you just fell into bed dead tired and postponed removing your make-up until the next day. Such an exception goes through without major wounds – but actually, you should always pay attention to a thorough make-up removal routine at the end of your day, no matter how tired you are. Because as good as your make-up makes you look during the day, it is just as bad for your skin if you don’t clean it off thoroughly in the evening.

Pollutants and bacteria collect in make-up

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No matter where you are, the air, whether outside or inside, is a carrier of pollutants and germs. These can be car exhaust fumes, pollen, and a wide variety of bacteria. Normally, the natural protective acid mantle of your skin can cope with these stresses, but it is practically sealed under the make-up layer and can then only develop its effect to a limited extent.

In addition, pollutants and germs accumulate in the make-up layer, which can then penetrate to the skin. If the make-up is worn for too long, this can provoke irritation and redness and generally promotes skin aging.

If you slept with make-up on, you should definitely change the pillowcases the next morning – because bacteria will have accumulated there overnight, which can then continue to multiply in the rub-off of the make-up.

Blackheads and pimples can develop


Your skin regenerates while you sleep. This is a highly complex process, for example, dead skin cells are shed. This can hardly work if there is a thick layer of makeup on your skin at night. The dead cells can now clog the pores and the sebum glands and the bacteria in and under the make-up can cause inflammation. The result is an unclean complexion with blackheads and pimples.

The formation of wrinkles increases

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Make-up can add moisture and nutrients to your skin to a certain extent, but only for a certain time – then the moisture reservoir, in particular, is depleted. The layer of make-up then also hinders skin breathing and the natural exchange of moisture with the air, so under the make-up, your skin dries out overnight. This then also disrupts the collagen formation of the connective tissue under the epidermis and this is exactly how wrinkles develop.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to remove make-up thoroughly in the evening and it is also a good idea to apply a little moisturizer before going to bed. In this case, less helps more. The cream must be fully absorbed and must not leave a film on the skin that, like make-up, could impede skin breathing and cell regeneration.

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