Romance under the water
The underwater restaurant and bar of the Red Sea is, without doubt, one of the most romantic places in the world, in which the view of the softly lit colorful fish and corals send cupid arrows towards the guests hearts.

Every detail in the design and the operation of the site was carefully planned in order to create a unique, intimate and calm atmosphere. For example, the dominant colors of the interior space of the Red Sea Star are “warm” shades of red and orange, which were chosen after profound consideration, in order to create a pleasant feeling. Special attention was also given to the lighting and the music. The interior lighting, which blends naturally with the sea and the soft external illumination that lights up the coral reef surrounding the “Star” on the one hand and the calm music that is played in the background on the other hand, create together a romantic and magical atmosphere.

The comfortable seating and decor and the long lasting observation of the calm sea and its inhabitants while eating specializes the Red Sea Star. It provides a feeling of intimacy and closeness to the sea that also affects the intimacy and closeness between couples who visit the “Star”, and indeed, the employees of the Red Sea Star often witness how couples, who start the evening sitting apart slowly get closer and closer as the evening progresses, until at the end they are joined together hugging each other.

The uniqueness of the Red Sea Star as a place that enhances the intimacy of dining couples is visible especially at night, when the underwater coral garden that surrounds the “Star” is softly lit.

The “Metro Bar”, in the open air, about 10 meters above sea level, is also a source of intimacy for lovers. Here you can cuddle in each other’s arms, while watching the sunset, or dance in style to the music of the 60s, 70 and 80s. The “Metro Bar” is a good observation point of the whole region. It is impossible to describe the breathtaking view observed from the deck of the “Metro Bar”. One must see and feel by oneself the stunning sunsets that color the sky in red, the amazing view of the Edom mountains and the glowing lights of the cities of Eilat and Aqaba at night, all adding to the romantic and magical atmosphere.

The Red Sea Star is the perfect place to propose to your loved one, and indeed it happened a few times in the past. For example, one evening, as one of our guests was pleasantly dining with her boyfriend and looking through the window at the breathtaking view of the sea, she was surprised to see a diver approaching her from the other side of the window with the sign: “Will you marry me?” The positive answer of the amazed young lady came immediately.

On another occasion, one of the visitors of the “Star” exploited the beguiling atmosphere in order to convince his wife to have another child. In addition, the Red Sea Star is perfect for unique anniversaries and birthdays. Then, the staff of the “Star” turn of the internal lighting for a while allowing the exterior lighting to penetrate through the upper windows (located in the ceiling) creating a movement of waves on the floor – a magical and stunning view.