What Is The Average Monthly Salary In Luxembourg?


Luxembourg is a pretty small country that can be a pretty attractive place for many people. We are not talking here only about tourist destinations where you can make some memorable moments. Luxembourg is a small country where people can ensure their financial stability. All the people in this country are satisfied with their salaries. Besides, the job opportunities are on every corner. That is the reason why many people would like to come and work there. 

Speaking of annual average salary, the numbers you are just about to see will probably impress you. We are talking here about nearly 69 thousand dollars a year. As you see, the size of a country does not say too much about its economy. 

Let’s compare Luxembourg with some other countries. For example, the annual average salary in Switzerland is nearly 67 thousand dollars. On the other hand, that number is 65 thousand dollars in the USA. As you see, Luxembourg is ahead of some of the most developed countries in the world. At least, they are more popular among the worldwide population. 

Yet, everything we just said does not mean a lot to you. Not all the jobs in this country will bring you nearly 69 thousand dollars a year. Some of them are less paid while others will bring you a much better monthly income. Because of that, we would like to highlight the average salaries of certain professions. When you see the numbers, you will know whether this country deserves your attention or not, Let’s go! 

Note: Minimal and Maximal Monthly Salary

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Yet, before we move to the main point, there is something we would like to share with you. When we talk about monthly earnings, most people in Luxembourg earn around 4150 Euros. The minimum salary that you can find in this country is 1050 euros while the maximum is 18 500 Euros. 

However, there is one more fascinating piece of information that would impress you. Only 1/4 of the residents in this small country earn less than 2300 Euros. That is probably the reason why the monthly average is that good. 

After we made everything clear, it is about time to move to the main point. Let’s analyze some of the jobs you can find there as well as the salaries you can earn! 


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All the medical workers in general that work within the borders of this country have an amazing income. However, when we talk about doctors, surgeons are those that have the highest salaries.

A basic doctor, if we can name it that way, will not have a salary less than 8600 Euros. On the other hand, surgeons (in private and public clinics) can have up to 29 thousand Euros a month. Keep in mind that being a surgeon is a risky thing. You need to take responsibility to do many risky treatments. Despite that, becoming a professional surgeon requires a long education. It seems that authorities in Luxembourg respect that. 

Judges and Lawyers

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Do you want to become a lawyer or judge one day? Well, becoming successful in the law industry is not easy at all. In almost every country, the competition in the law industry is tough. Many lawyers will run a private agency and try to become successful that way. On the other hand, not everyone can become a judge. Many people would want to improve their career that way, but only a few people manage to achieve that. 

Anyway, in both cases, your salary is going to be good. Judges, for instance, can earn between 7200 and 24 000 Euros a month. Logically, deciding someone else’s fate is not an easy task. 

On the other hand, lawyers can earn anywhere between 6000 and 19 000 Euros. However, if you run a private law agency, then your income can be a lot higher. People will not hesitate to give you their money to protect them in court. In other words, your salary depends on your skills. 

Bank Managers

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Working with someone else’s money is always a risky move. However, when you are a bank manager, then you need to accept a bunch of different responsibilities. Despite that, managing the entire bank is always a tough challenge. You will need to find all the possible ways to advertise the services your bank offer and try to be better than your competitors. 

So, how much money you can earn if you accept the responsibilities we mentioned? Believe it or not, your minimal salary can be around 5500 Euros. However, if you show that you are a talented person for this sort of job, you can start working for some strong international banks and earn nearly 19 thousand dollars a month. We believe the salary of bank managers across the world is not that high. 


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In all parts of the world, people will not hesitate to spend a bit more money whenever they visit the orthodontist. Do you think that things are different in Luxembourg? Of course, they are not, and people there are willing to pay as much as they need to use the service of that type. 

Generally speaking, the minimum salary you can have is around 4600 Euros. However, if you are truly good, or you have simply worked in the industry for a long period and gained a lot of experience, then you can earn up to 15 000 Euros. Doesn’t this seem attractive? 

College Professors

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Being a professor in high school or college is something people in Luxembourg respect. However, the salary of college professors is a lot higher. If you decide to teach other students something that can change their life, the minimal amount of money you can get a month is around 4 000 Euros. However, if you manage to find a job at some prestigious colleges, then your salary can go up to 14 000 Euros. 

Final Thought

Okay, we named the most popular professions within the country. It may happen that the one you want to work in is not on the list. Because of that, if you want to know more about salaries in Luxembourg. It is always good to use a wide range of sources when collecting pieces of information of this type.